Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I'm A Slut, How About You?

I know I've been MIA for a month.  That's because I'm getting better, but as I add things I can do to my list I find exhaustion in the evenings.  Not even enough energy to eat dinner some nights.  It's a good problem, I agree.  I'll detail more in the near future, but for now, THIS, (see below,) is high enough on my list that I feel the need to write the following.

 If you don't agree, lucky us we live in a country that allows us to agree to disagree.  But I live in a world where I tell my kids that bullying is not to be tolerated.  So, I'm tired of telling my kid one thing and In Real Life (IRL,) it's totally not the way things are.  I read this article today and I totally agree w/the author; we need to the get out the slut vote.

I'm thinking it's time to embrace our "slutiness." I think we need to make shirts hats & pins that say, " I'm a Slut!" in small letters below, "I support womens' reproductive rights!" I want see these on EVERYONE! Men, women, girls , boys, babies, grandparents, etc... I think it's time to show the ultra-conservatives that we aren't about to be bullied, and our numbers are many. We are the silent majority. But we're sick of their crap.  We're silent because we're busy living our lives; carting around our kids to soccer practice and dance lessons.  We're helping our kids w/their science projects and trying to find out if these organic strawberries are locally farmed.  And we're not popping out babies every other year, or maybe we are, but it's a choice we have, because modern  medicine has evened the playing field for us.  We can plan or families or NOT.  We have CHOICES!  This is because we live in a great country, one that I was brought up to believe takes care of it's own and helps those that are less fortunate.  The nature of politics has become, "We disagree, so I'm right, you're wrong and now I'm going to make it personal, to draw attention away from your arguments,"  Tell you what, I'll stay out of your Viagra conversations Rush, if you stay out of my birth control rights.  It's none of your damn business if I decide to have 2 kids or 12.  And it's none of my business if you have issues that require you to go to the bathroom 12 times a night or need to take something to "finish the job."  Because we're adults and adults respect each others' space.  Being adults, also means we don't call names or try and shame each other into one another person's ideals.  As adults, we're supposed to be respectful and debate on subjects of which we might disagree.  Maybe you missed that day at school, Rush.  I hate the idea that you're getting press time over this, but if the end result is that your voice is pulled from the airwaves, then I'll shout it from the mountain tops!  So back off, Rush.  Us sluts? Quite a few of us are mom's, and there's a lot of us.  You do NOT want us to pull the Mama Bear on you.  There's a reason it's Mama Bear & not Daddy.