Saturday, May 24, 2008


Five is half a decade
Five is oh so grown up…
Five wants to watch Hi-Five & Hannah Montana, not Barney
Five can add and subtract
Five can play board and card games, and win without help
Five is smart
Five is an awareness that “I want to play with XX” means I don’t want to play with you
Five is sensitive and sweet
Five looks out for her little sister, even when her lil sis is not being all that nice
Five is worrying about others; including your mommy
Five is NOT too old to call your mom, mommy, yet
Five is one lost tooth and another ready to go
Five is kindergarten ready
Five is starting to read
Five is one year away from six which is already too old already for mommy’s taste
Five is here…and

Five is beautiful


Cathy Burke said...

Five is the BEST age! I truly believe that children are as cute as they will EVER be at five. Utterly un-self conscious. Brave. Sweet. Silly. Plus three is (thankfully) a distant memory and they can do way more stuff than four. Enjoy! Six is right around the corner!