Friday, August 31, 2007


Work has been sucking more then usual. I make an effort not to talk about it, you know the whole dooce thing and all, but man it’s driving me KRAAAAZEEEE.

I guess that’s all I can/should really say about it right now. Other then that I met w/the new financial advisor this week, and even prior to meeting w/him, sat down w/DS to discuss short and long term goals financially. Having that conversation made me realize it’s not realistic for me to quit right now. But man would I LOVE to!!! I have dreams about telling my current boss to shove it up her ARCE! I can not wait for the day when I can fill you in on all the total Dilbert like details of it. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

In the meantime, getting together additional info for financial advisor, need to sell two cars so we can buy a newer one (not necessarily new. Anyone want to buy a used Del Sol or Impreza?) Get the dishwasher fixed, get the window screens on the back side of the house fixed, blah, blah, blah…my life is boring and HOT! But then I hear pretty much everyone’s life it hot right now, so on the upside; at least we aren’t in Kansas!

Today is DD#1’s last day at her old school. Got the teachers gift cards from Starbucks and Jamba Juice, I know, not very personal or original, but I bet they like those better some of the “personal” gifts they’ll get. Also brought bagel’s from Noah’s for all the staff (and I’m sure the kids) and finger jello for the kids (cause it’s too damn hot for cupcakes!) That’s about it.

I’m in an office pool of 20 for the lottery tonight. Please, please let us win!!! Wouldn’t that be wonderful! That right there would pretty much solve the majority of my issues. Seriously. That’s how pathetic I am. But damn wouldn’t it be nice.

Have a good LONG weekend!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Likes to eat sand....

told you my kids eat EVERYTHING

and then this one because lately I feel like kid #1 has been getting the shaft when it comes to photos and such.

Do you do that? Do you feel like you favor one kid over the other? I mean I don't do it on purpose, but sometime I feel guilty because I think one's getting more positive attention then the other. I know, one more thing for mom guilt. The honest truth is that sometimes my kids are not the funnest people to be around. I know *shocking* that I would write something so negative about my perfect, adorable, brillant childrent. But consider who their mother is? I mean really they've got that working against them to start. Then there's the whole almost being two and 4 going on 14 thing. (yes, we've been getting the hand on the hip accompanied by the eye roll--OMG, this was not supposed to start this early!) So usually they are annoying at different times, which is good I suppose or I might completely lose my mind. But it does still make me feel guilty when kid #1 is going to the "question athority/test boundries" phase (again) and kid #2 is being super cute/giving kisses and hugs,not to mention that her tantrums are actually kinda funny still.

Monday, August 27, 2007

And So It Begins…..

Driving to the beach this weekend:

Mommy she’s looking at me! I don’t want her looking at me!

Slit my wrists now!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Maybe I'll quit my job and get my kid into modeling. She could support us!

Now try to tell me that I don’t have the most beautiful child on earth…just try (I know I’m biased, but hey your’s is a close second. I swear!)

Taken August 19, 2007, Age 15 Months

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Growing Up Too Fast or Turning my kids into nerds.

I may be totally out to lunch on this one, but I have to say that the fact that my FOUR year old got invited to a "High School Musical 2" party bugs me. Just for the record, she was invited to watch the first one earlier in the week as all the kids who hadn't seen it yet were getting together so they'd be ready for the big even on Friday night.

DUDE! Isn't that a tween movie???

I thought the demographic for that is like 7-12, right? A good (childless) friend saw it and told me "totally harmless. It's the Grease of today, only it makes Grease look rated R."

Ok, so I get it, it's truly a G-rated movie on the Disney channel (which sort of makes it more G-rated, but also sort of implies some one's parent is going to kick it). No one dies, no one even kisses, I know! But still. I feel like some people are really pushing their kids to grow up too fast. I know DD#1 would like all the dancing and singing, but the story line is (hopefully) above her head (cause if not, you know that book I had to buy? Well we'd be spending some quality time with it I'm sure).

So she didn't go to the party. Show started at 8 and my kids go to bed at 7:30. Yes they do. Dude, I need the time to chill, and pick up and blog... Like the title says I'm destining my kid to nerdom.

Ironically, when I turned on the TV this afternoon guess what was on?


She immediately sat down & watched it. We only saw the last half hour of it and then she asked if I could rewind it so she could see the whole thing. So I set the TIVO.


Maybe I can fast forward to just the dance scenes.

They're all grounded for trying to grow up too fast!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Your PSA on diaper bags--so the love is all for you internet

Ok, I know I totally owe you the whole travel story, but I'm procrastinating on it because I don't want to relive it. So it'll be soon since I have GOT to send them a nasty letter soon or it won't mean anything. It probably won't mean anything regarless of when I send it, but still....

Anyway a very good friend of mine is have TWINS soon. YEAH!! I am so very excited for them you'd think I was having the babies. Anywho, as with all good friends who already have kids I'm offering lots of what I consider to be good, unsolicited advice. Of course, with the precursor that she should ignore 90% of the advice she gets from people and do what feels right. (Which will be what I suggest, of course!) *hee*

I found myself giving her the lowdown on diaper bags today, unrequested as usual. After reading the email I wrote I thought, "This would have been really helpful info to have had BEFORE I had children!" In that vein, here's your unrequested PSA on diaper bags I love. As with all unsolisted advice you have permission to ignore it, but I will most likely tell you "I told you" when you complain about that cheap you bought instead of my recommnedation.

Ones I like for various reasons (some of which are functional and some of which are because they're pretty)

">Landsend Backpack Diaper Bag They only had black when we got ours. Bah. Anyway this was the one we got for DD#1 & we are STILL using it! Very practical, very sturdy. Good also if you're guy has all kinds of opinions about what the diaper bag should look like. On that note; unless he's going to be a SAHD he will most likely not use it all that much and in the end will not realy care. He'll need it, so he'll use it. Any cool factor associated w/the bag he's carrying is negated by the fact that he's carrying a baby and driving a minivan. He'll get over it, so if you really love something and it's girly, by all means get it.

Petunia Pickle Bottom (aka --PPB) I'm currently using one of their boxy backpacks. Love it! I thought material would wear out pretty fast, but it hasn't at all! Am seriously considering getting a travel tote after looking at them now. So girly, I love it.

Fleurville Love these! Totally pricey, but probably what I would've picked if I'd seen them before PPB. My choices would've been a sling tote and/or an escape pod. They are really well organized! Love the fabrics and the fact that they're covered in plastic making them super easy to keep clean. (The little purse/diaper bag thing I carry around is a knock off from Target. Not as roomy, and the plastic has started to pull away from the seam, but only $15, so I think it's pretty good.)

Nordstrom's has a good selection of baby stuff from various designers. They're a good place to check out and then I usually go find the mfg. website to see what else they have. Ditto for Babystyle.

Skip Hop I don't know anything about these, but they seem to be one of the up and coming manufacturers. Cute stuff.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm alive...barely


We made it home FINALLY. But dude, when I tell you about our flights home and the hell we went through...OHMYGOD! All I can say is that


That is as nice as I can be about it. And now I will leave you breathlessly awaiting my story as after my 12 hour ordeal to fly 4 hours I need to take a shower and get the stench of their planes off of me.

More later! Don't worry I WILL write about this one, I've got names, places and details I'm alerting the media and then some.