Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Your PSA on diaper bags--so the love is all for you internet

Ok, I know I totally owe you the whole travel story, but I'm procrastinating on it because I don't want to relive it. So it'll be soon since I have GOT to send them a nasty letter soon or it won't mean anything. It probably won't mean anything regarless of when I send it, but still....

Anyway a very good friend of mine is have TWINS soon. YEAH!! I am so very excited for them you'd think I was having the babies. Anywho, as with all good friends who already have kids I'm offering lots of what I consider to be good, unsolicited advice. Of course, with the precursor that she should ignore 90% of the advice she gets from people and do what feels right. (Which will be what I suggest, of course!) *hee*

I found myself giving her the lowdown on diaper bags today, unrequested as usual. After reading the email I wrote I thought, "This would have been really helpful info to have had BEFORE I had children!" In that vein, here's your unrequested PSA on diaper bags I love. As with all unsolisted advice you have permission to ignore it, but I will most likely tell you "I told you" when you complain about that cheap you bought instead of my recommnedation.

Ones I like for various reasons (some of which are functional and some of which are because they're pretty)

">Landsend Backpack Diaper Bag They only had black when we got ours. Bah. Anyway this was the one we got for DD#1 & we are STILL using it! Very practical, very sturdy. Good also if you're guy has all kinds of opinions about what the diaper bag should look like. On that note; unless he's going to be a SAHD he will most likely not use it all that much and in the end will not realy care. He'll need it, so he'll use it. Any cool factor associated w/the bag he's carrying is negated by the fact that he's carrying a baby and driving a minivan. He'll get over it, so if you really love something and it's girly, by all means get it.

Petunia Pickle Bottom (aka --PPB) I'm currently using one of their boxy backpacks. Love it! I thought material would wear out pretty fast, but it hasn't at all! Am seriously considering getting a travel tote after looking at them now. So girly, I love it.

Fleurville Love these! Totally pricey, but probably what I would've picked if I'd seen them before PPB. My choices would've been a sling tote and/or an escape pod. They are really well organized! Love the fabrics and the fact that they're covered in plastic making them super easy to keep clean. (The little purse/diaper bag thing I carry around is a knock off from Target. Not as roomy, and the plastic has started to pull away from the seam, but only $15, so I think it's pretty good.)

Nordstrom's has a good selection of baby stuff from various designers. They're a good place to check out and then I usually go find the mfg. website to see what else they have. Ditto for Babystyle.

Skip Hop I don't know anything about these, but they seem to be one of the up and coming manufacturers. Cute stuff.


cry it out! said...

The backpack diaper bag is the best -- it took me MONTHS to figure this out, but now it's with me wherever we go. nice list!

And sorry about the United troubles -- the donkey balls is an apt description. (That's why we just flew american. United actually lost our carryon last year.Nice.) Hope all is better now!