Saturday, August 18, 2007

Growing Up Too Fast or Turning my kids into nerds.

I may be totally out to lunch on this one, but I have to say that the fact that my FOUR year old got invited to a "High School Musical 2" party bugs me. Just for the record, she was invited to watch the first one earlier in the week as all the kids who hadn't seen it yet were getting together so they'd be ready for the big even on Friday night.

DUDE! Isn't that a tween movie???

I thought the demographic for that is like 7-12, right? A good (childless) friend saw it and told me "totally harmless. It's the Grease of today, only it makes Grease look rated R."

Ok, so I get it, it's truly a G-rated movie on the Disney channel (which sort of makes it more G-rated, but also sort of implies some one's parent is going to kick it). No one dies, no one even kisses, I know! But still. I feel like some people are really pushing their kids to grow up too fast. I know DD#1 would like all the dancing and singing, but the story line is (hopefully) above her head (cause if not, you know that book I had to buy? Well we'd be spending some quality time with it I'm sure).

So she didn't go to the party. Show started at 8 and my kids go to bed at 7:30. Yes they do. Dude, I need the time to chill, and pick up and blog... Like the title says I'm destining my kid to nerdom.

Ironically, when I turned on the TV this afternoon guess what was on?


She immediately sat down & watched it. We only saw the last half hour of it and then she asked if I could rewind it so she could see the whole thing. So I set the TIVO.


Maybe I can fast forward to just the dance scenes.

They're all grounded for trying to grow up too fast!!!


kellyo75 said...

I love High School Musical. We just finished watching it. It''s Rated G how bad can it be. I guess technically it's for Tweens, but it's so clean, who cares??

I enjoy reading your blog. Your kids are very cute!