Thursday, August 30, 2007

Likes to eat sand....

told you my kids eat EVERYTHING

and then this one because lately I feel like kid #1 has been getting the shaft when it comes to photos and such.

Do you do that? Do you feel like you favor one kid over the other? I mean I don't do it on purpose, but sometime I feel guilty because I think one's getting more positive attention then the other. I know, one more thing for mom guilt. The honest truth is that sometimes my kids are not the funnest people to be around. I know *shocking* that I would write something so negative about my perfect, adorable, brillant childrent. But consider who their mother is? I mean really they've got that working against them to start. Then there's the whole almost being two and 4 going on 14 thing. (yes, we've been getting the hand on the hip accompanied by the eye roll--OMG, this was not supposed to start this early!) So usually they are annoying at different times, which is good I suppose or I might completely lose my mind. But it does still make me feel guilty when kid #1 is going to the "question athority/test boundries" phase (again) and kid #2 is being super cute/giving kisses and hugs,not to mention that her tantrums are actually kinda funny still.