Monday, February 21, 2011

Treading Water

I'm sorry I've neglected you interwebs. I'm treading water here. My Fibro is working on fully taking over & I'm trying to fight it. Sadly, other things suffer in my effort; like writing. I need to get on here more. I need the outlet, but we'll see how that goes. I have been cropping a lot, (taking another class over at Jessica's place,) so all my creative juices have been in PhotoShop as of late. We (the girls and I) have been battling a case of the lingering flu. It's better then the stomach flu that's also working it's way through the neighborhood, so I'm actually grateful for that. This month we've had a visit from the outlaws; MIL is still here. I'm also grateful for this because it's helped so much to have another adult around while I'm feeling like arce. I'm sure she's going to need a couple months to recoup from this visit. The girls have both started practice for softball. I volunteered to be the "team mom/manager" for Little's team. Because I've obviously lost my mind! I mistakenly thought I might be able to have influence over the practice schedule and then I could try & leverage both teams together, but no such luck. Schedules are determined by the league; practice ones too. Little loves that I'm this involved with her team and Big's team is being coached & managed by good friends (it's all her soccer team & girls scout troop,) so it's actually a good pick of things I could have chosen.
There's tons more stuff I could write about, but I'm heading to bed. Today, I got up at 7AM w/the girls. DaddySpeak & MIL came downstairs about 8:30AM. Next thing I knew, I'd fallen asleep on the couch and it was 2PM!!! I had to force myself to get up & moving. I almost felt drugged. That's how I know it's Fibro. Two night before that I was up until 5:30AM w/horrible heartburn. I couldn't stand it laying down, so I sat on the couch till it subsided, which was 5:30AM. (Yes, I took stuff for it. Nothing would touch it. Nothing, but time.) Yes, I'm totally on the low-carb (LC) diet now. I'm not messing around and throwing mini temper tantrums about how lousy I feel & how I deserve this piece of chocolate or I need my mocha to cope. I need to get my body back to where it was this time last year. Hopefully, things will improve for me in the next week and I'll have more energy to write. (Or I'm going to have to have another baby to get this all under control.) ;-)