Monday, June 26, 2006


When I was originally going to write this post (Last Thursday when I took this pix) I was going to tell you how “crappy” the day had been, and yes it was all related to the poop in my life. However things have since improved, so why dwell? I could not pass the opportunity to share this lovely photo of BS with you though.

Yes, I will be using this photo to scare off future potential boyfriends. She did this during dinner no less!!! And let me tell you, this is nothing, you should've seen her backside. Well, maybe it was better that you didn't.

TS has gone 3 days w/out defiling her pants. Wahoo!!! (And knock on wood.) We’ve taking the tact of taking away a toy if she does it AND rewarding w/either a piece of candy or a Madeline cookie (not just any cookie, it has to be a Madeline) when she uses the toilet. (To go #2, #1 isn’t really a problem.) This also means no cookies or candy other then those times. She lost 3 of her favorite toys before this weekend, but in the last 3 days has earned them all back!!! I am also trying to make a point of asking her to help me with everything on do and make her feel included.

BS is still having crazy huge diapers about once a day, but the reflux seems to be better. Sort of. I’m not convinced it is reflux and that’s why I haven’t given her the meds for it. I see her dr for her 2 month appointment (I know, can you believe it’s been TWO MONTHS already???) on Friday so I’ll talk to him more about it then. I believe the rice cereal in a bottle once a day and keeping her upright after eating is really making a huge difference; no projectile vomiting (ok, minimal projectile vomiting) and it seems like the “fussiness” is all related to lower intestinal stuff, which would not be reflux.

Ok, more later, timer just went off need to go get dog food & water neighbor’s plants!


Monica said...

Ok...that is just nasty.

Cute picture of her though...can you PS the poop out? :)

Antique Mommy said...

In spite of that "mysterious" brown spot, she is even more adorable than the last time you posted her picture.

Today, Sean had poop coming out of the back of his shirt - the neck part. I. Kid. You. Not. Clear up his back, out the sides... I considered just hosing him off in the yard.