Friday, June 16, 2006

Daddy’s Day

This one is sneaking up on me a little. I’m getting better at the two kids thing (just by saying that I’m sure I just jinxed my day) but adding anything like say a holiday throws me a bit. So I’m scrambling a bit today for Daddy’s Day presents. It’s not entirely my fault I knew what I wanted to do and said it in front of DS (I was talk about for the Grandpa’s at the time) and got shot down. Ack! So did I come up with something new? No, I went into denial and now I’m scrambling. I think I know what we’re doing, but it means going to the store (possibly multiple stores) with both kids in tow. Not fun. Oh well, it’s supposed to be HOT today (finally!) so I can bribe the use of the kiddie pool for good behavior.

DS is a great dad BTW. A Daddy’s Day posting wouldn’t really be complete without a mention of that fact. I think there are people who are surprised at what a good father he is, but I’m not. He’s become the dad I knew he would be when I married him. TS has become quite the daddy’s girl as of late and it’s really sweet to see her run to him in the evenings when he comes home from work.

Happy Daddy’s Day DS!!! We love you!