Monday, March 05, 2007

10 Months

Yeah, so last week, in the rush of everything little miss BabySpeak went & turned 10 months on us. I know how the heck did that happen? In the last week or so she’s turned into quite the little baby vs. the infant she’s been up till now. (I refused to consider her as a toddler, she’s too little yet to be a toddler—even if she’s “toddling” around). Last week she started hitting some big milestones; she stands up & sits herself down, she cruises all. over. the. damn. place. She’s crawling all over. Her days consist of stand up, sit down, (fight, fight, fight) crawl here, taste toy, launch toy, roll to new location of toy, stand up, bend down and pick up toy again….You get the idea. She also LOVES to dance, which cracks me up to no end. If music starts playing near her she starts grooving.

She started using the signs for “food”, “drink” (water in a sippy cup), “all done” and “big” (aka—“sooo big”). That’s in addition to her, “more,” “bye-bye”, and “sleep/nap”. She’s so very eager to communicate; you can tell she’s just dying for you to teach her more words. When you do start teaching her a new word you can practically see the wheels turning in her head and it seems to be about 24 hours and she’s got it. I’m telling you I think this kid is scary smart.

She has also started eating table food now. I make my own baby food which consists of throwing the stuff in the food processor after over steaming it, so don’t get all excited over how much time that must take cause it doesn’t take any more time and I can control the texture of her food. (Plus I just couldn’t bring myself to give her baby food meat in a jar. Have you seen that stuff, it’s just nasty looking. We give her the canned stuff (fruit and veggies) when appropriate, so it’s not like she doesn’t get it at all). This week I started chopping up our meat really small & letting her have at it. She seems to particularly like mango-chicken sausage (but hey, who doesn’t?)

For such a little person she’s doing some really big time stuff and on top of that seems to have a “big personality”. She has her Daddy and Mommy completely wrapped around her finger. And still she ADORES her big sister. This last month has been a lot of fun for all of us and we so enjoy watching the little person Miss BS is becoming.


Laura said...

Yeah, they grow too fast. One day we have a tiny little baby in our arms and "some" days later we have a toddler or a pre-schooler. For what you write BS is growing healthy and very clever. Congratulations.
Mine is turning 3 this month, I can't believe she's almost 3 and soon I have to enroll her in pre-school.