Thursday, March 08, 2007

Back Talk

Welcome to this addition of Back Talk. I’ve been in a not very good place the last couple days. I went to another doctor on Monday, he scheduled another nerve test for Tuesday and an epidural (of cortisone) for Thursday. The nerve test showed nerve damage (it was way more extensive then the last time), but not to my muscles (or it was really minimal to my muscles or something). Which is mostly good news, because it means I should be able to be fixed. The bad news: 6-9 months to heal. Oh. My. God. Six Months!!! (I’m optimistic) This shot I’m having tomorrow should pretty much eliminate the pain for a while I’m told. I seriously hope so, cause the nerve test…my leg is still on fire. I’m back to full time pain, but with burning this time! Fun! Hopefully I’ll be feeling so good you’ll get a post tomorrow, but we’ll see. If you don’t hear from me just assume I got even better drugs then the vicodin and I’m sleeping through the weekend. Imagine no more posts about all my aches and pains...what will I write about? I'm sure I can come up with something.



PeanutButtersMum said...

Sleeping thru the weekend? ooohhh... that sounds goooood!!! :-)

Laura said...

Please, rest a lot and I hope all that pain will go away sooner that you or the doctors think. Have a nice weekend!!