Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial, Birth and Anniversary Days....

Hola! Whew, everyone, take a deep breath, it’s almost June. Yeah; I can’t wait for summer either! Yes, I am still alive thanks for asking. The last several weeks have been a crazy, crazy time, but after Saturday it will all be back to “normal”, whatever that is. With the outlaws being here, the “Fairy Tale Party”, TS’s B-day (her kid’s party is this weekend), her friend’s b-day party (last Sunday) and Memorial Day it’s been a bit KRA-ZEE around here. Oh and in-between all of that we renovated our backyard. We’ve been so busy, that DS and I FORGOT we had an anniversary this weekend. We’ve been married for six years, definitely NOT long enough to be forgetting. My mom called in the late morning to wish us a happy anniversary (Saturday) and I was like, “Oh yeah, we forgot.” She’s all, “So I guess that means no breakfast in bed or outstanding gift or something.” She thought it was horrible that we both forgot. I thought it was kind of funny. We’ve had a lot going on you know, and it’s been all about the small people in our lives, so we weren’t really focusing on ourselves right now. It’s ok, so long as when the dust settles we remember that the reason these small people are here is because of the TWO of us, and that relationship deserves to be celebrated too. DS was helping A (friend who helped build our humongous swing set, I think we need to name the swing set, any suggestions?) build a Murphy bed that day, so when they stopped by to eat lunch and pick up more tools I asked DS if he knew what today was?

DS: “Ummm, Flag Day? Saturday?”
MS: “Nope on Flag Day, yup on Saturday, but what I was really looking for was: our anniversary!”
DS: (Blood running out of face) “Oh shit”
MS: (Laughing) "We both forgot. I think it’s funny."

DS recovers his color and no longer looks like he might pass out.

A: “My wife would never let me forget our anniversary! And she wouldn’t think it was funny if I did forget.”
MS: “Dude, if you guys had as much going on as we have lately, you’d forget crap like that too.” (And he will have that much crap going on soon, his wife is preggers w/twins!)

Apparently the story was related to A’s wife H because DS called a while later w/an offer from them to baby sit so we could go out on a DATE! Very, very cool. Coolest part? They came over to baby sit, so when we came home, we just. came. home. No putting anyone to bed or additional bedtime stories. No carrying up the stairs and requests for water, just come home and sit down on the couch. Wow. It was so, so…relaxing. It was so…adult like. It reminded me of days of going out till all hours of the evening, coming home, crashing in bed (without having to get extra glasses of water for little imps) and sleeping strait through the night till practically mid-day! This was almost like that. Almost. I still had to get up at 7:30 to nurse the calf (can you say MOO! I can). However, 7:30 feels like sleeping in and I’m able to get a few things done, so I’m not really complaining.

We went to a fancy Mediterranean Restaurant in Santana Row where I promptly shattered a glass of red wine into our appetizers, all of which were promptly replaced by the wait staff with apologies, cause it’s their fault I’m a klutz. Then we walked around watching the live music (they have live music on the weekends—who knew? Probably all the single people.) And The Loft (Ann Taylor) had all these cute clothes on Clearence! I got two skirts and a top. I also got a Starbucks. One of the best nights evah, DS put up will all my shite and neither of us had to put the girls to bed. Maybe next year we can actually go away for our anniversary. HA! Or not.

Anywho, my point is this:

DS, thank you for being such a wonderful, caring husband. For putting up with all my crap (and yes, I know it’s a lot to put up with), for helping to create two of the most wonderful little creatures in the world and for being the kind of dad I knew you would be to them. I am so very glad that you are my husband and feel so very blessed that it’s you I get to spend the rest of my life with. I hope very much that I am able to make you feel the same way about me.


Tara said...

Happy Anniversary. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and many many more!


Peace~ Wind