Monday, May 07, 2007

time marches on...

Life has been less then stellar lately. I’m not trying to be negative, just accurate. Family members read my post and are less then thrilled with me, but after much thought on the subject I’ve decide we’re even now; I’m less then thrilled with them—and really that's not new. I talked to my shrink about the whole deal & she suggested I read this book “Toxic Parents”. The name of the book cracks me up. I’m reserving it at the library (cause I’m a cheap ass & don’t want to pay for it.) So I’ll let you know once I read it. I can’t imagine what insightful things it will provide, but who knows, maybe I’ll be enlightened. I would LOVE to be enlightened! Maybe there will be some miraculous suggestion for dealing iwht my family & everyone will be happy (including me) but don’t hold your breath. My plan for now is to do what I tell the kids all the time "keep your eyes on your own paper". I'll worry about me and they can worry about themselves. If everyone did that all the time we'd all get along much better.

In the meantime, BS turned one, got an ear infection and cut 3 teeth. We had her one year doctor's appointment and got the go ahead for cow’s milk (that was a surprise). She’s weights 17 lbs, 1 oz (almost completely off the charts in weight--low side) and is 28 " which is in the 10-25%, closer to 10 I think. I’m waiting on trying the cow’s milk until we’re done with her antibiotics; I want to be able to know which thing is irritating her stomach. I know, poor baby’s been through a lot lately. Outlaws show up end of this week so we’ll see how that works out for her.

TS has been hilarious as usual. She continues to tell us stories of her “new g’ma’s and new mommies”. They apparently let her do all the things her regular g’mas and mommy won’t let her do. She’s got quite the imagination. She may be the writer in the family.

DS and I met w/a financial consultant. It went well, but it was mostly a here’s the services we offer kind of thing. They also asked us a lot of questions about our lives and current situation. Based on those answers they explained what they offered and how it might work best for our lives. We talked about it and I can tell DS is not thrilled about spending the money on it, but I really think it’s a good idea; at least for a year or two. They can help us get our stuff in order; like living trusts and wills as well as setting a monthly budget, short- and long-term investment strategies, etc... So I need to call them and get another appointment to get the ball rolling. (So they can tell me we can't afford for me to stay home from work.)

We’ve been working on getting the house in order for the big party and such, so that’s been filling our hours. I wanted to check in, so that’s all for now. I’ll hopefully have something witty and fun to talk about next time. Thanks for hanging in there with me and keep checking in, I promise not to be so much of a stranger.