Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hell exists and it resides in a plane in Colorado

Yeah, our plane trip to Kansas was less then steller. Think about this for a minute; your incoming plane arrived early, but you had to sit on the tarmack for an hour waiting for a gate to open up for you. But wait, there's more, you have 4 year old asking, "When are we going to get out?" and a 15 month old screetching every 10 minutes or so because she's sick of sitting in her car seat after a 3 hour flight. Fun for all. But wait that's not all! All planes are delayed in Denver due to weather, so your connecting flight is late and when you do get to board, they get everyone on the plane, announce they'll be leaving in a few minutes and then SIT. AT. THE. GATE. for NINETY MINUTES, again w/4 year and 15 month olds with you. Add in a dash of the pilot coming on every 15 minutes to tell you to leave your seatbelts on because "it'll be just a few more minutes" and said 4 year old having to "really, really pee" and you have my trip to Kansas. It could've been worse, the flight attendent did let her use the bathroom, so she didn't pee herself (however she did dump and apple juice in her lap during that flight). And while both kids were at the end of their rope neither actuall imploded, but neither actually slept either, which was the point of flying at night.

Because Kansas City is about an hour to Topeka and we had to take the time to rent a car, and lug kids, etc...we got to Topeka at 4 AM. Yes, it took us 10 hours to fly a 3.5 hour flight.

Now in Topeka for the 2nd day, and DUDE how the hell do any of you live here? It is so freaking hot and humid! I knew that coming here, but somehow your mind blocks the hell of it. It makes me sick to my stomach it's so bad. The total irony is that we've seen the sun for a total of 30 minutes since we've been here. Currenty, it's raining, so I'm hopful that will cool things off. But seriously, DUDE, they should just close this place as being uninhabitable.

Baby's up from nap...more later.