Monday, July 23, 2007

MommySpeak In

Hi Internet,

I’m still alive. No the party on the 4th was not so crazy that it’s taken until now to recover sufficiently to blog again. While the party on the 4th was fun (we had around 40 people) it did not bowl me over like that. I couldn’t even get a buzz, I drank enough, but it was just too hot. No, my issues developed the next weekend. My fibro returned. I had a bad bout focused on the base of my skull. It SUCKED! The spasms went up the side/back of my skull and were so swollen that if I didn’t have hair to cover it, you would’ve insisted I had some kind of tumor or something. I can’t take much pain-wise, cause I’m still breast feeding DD#2. I believe this bout was brought on by the fact that I have weaned the baby to just two feedings (from me) a day. She’s drinking whole milk now, so I nurse her first thing in the AM and just before bed. My hormones went nuts over this. My skin is getting its hyper pigmentation back, and a nice breakout, of course. Aunt Flo came to visit for the 3rd time in 3 weeks and I put on 5 lbs in one night (maybe more I don’t own a scale and kinda don’t want to know). It’s just been so fun! So I called my rheumatologist to make an appointment to discuss a game plan for me and weaning—you know, so I won’t really have to suffer. That’s me, being all pro-active and stuff. BUT I can’t get into her until August 8. A freaking month! Since I was in pain NOW and I can’t see my doctor for 31 freaking days! I did the next best thing, I consulted Dr. Google. I figured it’s been a couple of years since I was last suffering, I’m sure there’s been some new info. There was, and long story, short, one study they’re trying to replicate right now is that people w/fibromyalgia are hypoglycemic and benefit greatly from a low carb diet. I’ve heard some variations of this before, but this was an actual study w/actual statistics to support its claim (something like 90% saw a decrease in symptoms; especially pain.). If a diet is all I have to do to keep my symptoms at bay, I am all over it. So then I was consulting Dr. Google about the low carb diets and what might be best for me.

So you see internet I haven’t really been neglecting you, I’ve just been using you. ;)

So I’ve been doing this low carb thing for about a week now. I’m not in love with it yet, but this morning I could tell I’ve dropped some weight from the way my clothes fit. So that’s a plus. I can’t say I feel so much better, but if all that comes out of it ends up being that I look better, I could live w/that too. Anyway, I’m back & should hopefully be posting more again.

On another note, we leave for the Midwest (to visit outlaws) on Friday. Yes, it’s a sudden thing. Some of DS’s cousins adopted 3 kids (obviously they didn’t have any, who in their right mind would adopt that many if they already understood what was involved? No really, I think it’s really great. These cousins live on a working farm. She’s a doctor and he’s an engineer, and they’re really nice people. I think they’ll be good parents and have a lot to offer these kids. The kids are ages 6, 4, and 2, and are brothers and sisters. So the family is having a big “Welcome Home” party for them and we decided to go for a week. Ok, this is too long already, more later.

MommySpeak Out.


cry it out! said...

Hope you're feeling better!

(Three kids? Yikes.)