Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Law & Breastfeeding

What is it about breastfeeding (BF) that seems to freak conservatives out? Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, by conservative I mean people who are conservative in nature or modest. I don't mean that by identifying w/the Republican party you are automatically conservative in your thinking toward BF.

The Ohio Supreme Court just upheld a case in which a woman was terminated for taking unscheduled breaks from work to pump. Umm, which century are we in here folks?

I guess my question to the Supreme Court of Ohio is, "Would you have found the same result if the person was taking these breaks for going to the bathroom?" "What if this person had a medical reason/need to take more than the average person? (Like a small bladder?) My guess is that it wouldn't have made it to the Supreme Court, but that a medical reason would deem that a resulting termination was discrimination of a person's handicap and would be deemed illegal. (In this case, a small bladder.) They also determined that it wasn't gender or pregnancy discrimination because the woman had continued to "choose" to BF 5 months postpartum and after a period of time, lactation is a condition of breastfeeding not pregnancy. Really???? How many men do you know who lactate? It just doesn't make sense. I want to throttle these people. Seriously. The stupidity behind this ruling floors me.

I BF both my kids. My second child had all kinds of health problems and couldn't eat anything, BUT breast milk. AND as a lactating mother, I didn't have leakage issues, which are bad enough, but I had engorgement issues. Engorgement is painful and can cause mastitis which is awful at best. Honestly, I'm currently wishing a flaming case of mastitis on each of the justices right now. If you start to become engorged & don't pump to relieve it you can cause all kinds of additional health issues.

One thing for sure, I will NOT be purchasing products from Totes/Isotoner any longer. If you know of any other ways we can help to get this changed and prevent it from becoming law in other states, please let me know. I'm so fired up over this one, I can't tell you. I don't understand how this kind of thinking has made it into this century. I believe my 6 year old could have told you that this ruling was a form of gender/pregnancy discrimination. Of course, my 6 year old was breast fed and we all know those kids are smarter.