Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wordless Wednesday--First Orthodontist Visit

It's still Wednesday (barely).
Title says it all.
These are her "baseline" pix. Nothing for now, giving it 6 months & then will probably start spacers at age 7. Gah!!!
Do love that they sent me this photo! "For my records." Bwahahahahaha!
Total fodder for boyfriend embarrassment later. I'm a mean, mean mommy. :-) (Somehow, I think this will not be the reason she needs therapy later in life.


Steph said...

Oh braces. But she is so young.

mama speak said...

I thought that too, not to mention the fact that neither of her parents had or needed them. But, if she does the spacers she might (big might) be able to avoid or at least shorten the braces adventure. They used to pull teeth to make everything fit. Now, they think it has to do w/muscle development (why teeth are out of whack) and there's more than enuf room for all of them.) So if they start w/spacers while the new ones are coming in, sometimes they all end up where their supposed to go on their own.