Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I know I've totally been MIA. Like I mentioned Little was sick & then I was sick. Then we had the weekend o'craziness; (drunken) MNO, soccer game, Halloween party, CCD, get the idea. Throw in a nap for mommy cuz I wasn't 100% yet. This was followed by Round 2!!! Yup we're still sick!!! Or maybe it was really Version 1.1 Little's virus basically evolved down to a mild cold. As did mine. And while she did have a cough, it was mostly at night & didn't seem to bother her. I wasn't even giving her medicine for it, cause it's supposed to be better to let your kids work thru it. The cough is helping bring it out. Right??? So much for that theory. Sunday I was up most of the night w/her and an ear ache. Actually, she said her ear hurt & her mouth. Wha? I suspected sinus b/c that's how mine seem to bother me and neither of my kids really gets ear infections.

I think Big had maybe 2 ear infections that we knew about. Both of which we found out when we were at the doctor for other things. "Hey, did you know your kid has a double ear infection?" Um, No. Parent of the year here. Little had one 2 years ago (dr told me during our appt on Monday).

Obviously, I have a lack of experience in the ear infection arena. I was even on Twitter asking for remedies for the pain since Motrin & Tylenol didn't seem to be helping. Let me tell you there isn't much I can think of that will give you worse mom guilt than your 3YO asking you to call the dr to fix it at 2AM. Dude! I did notice that she was exhausted, but her cough seemed to be keeping her from fulling falling asleep. I gave her cough medicine & while I don't think that made it stop hurting, she did fall asleep. So she could bounce off the walls and act FINE all day Monday. Seriously. I was exhausted. She was not. There's an understatement. Finally got into the doctor's office (where she had to wear a mask. OMG!!!) And, yup, sinus infection. She's on antibiotics & doing fine.

I, on the other hand, have a low grade fever, chills & sinus headache. Bah!


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