Friday, July 30, 2010

Better, but with Coughing!

I know I said I'd be back & then... ::crickets chirping:: I am doing better, and because of it, I'm doing WAY more. After doing WAY more, I'm then too tired to do anything else, like blog.

The good news is that I'm currently living at the beach (don't I sound glamorous? I'll set you strait on that one in my next post.) BigSpeak is participating in one of the Jr. Guards programs and LittleSpeak & I are hanging with her every day. Can I tell you something? Dude, my 7YO, she's a total badass! I know you aren't supposed to describe your kid that way, but you should see all the stuff they're doing on the beach, in the sand & the FREEZING ocean!!! And, you know, no big deal. OMG! Such a big deal! I wish I could do half the stuff they're doing. Theoretically, of course, I have no desire to shag my fat arce into a red bathing suit and run into the FREEZING water.

DaddySpeak is still working (Rat Bastards won't let him cruz for the summer! I mean it's not like anyone is getting anything done this month anyway, right?) So he joins us on the weekends. Yeah, you heard that right, that means I'm playing the roll of the single parent during the week. And I'm pulling it off! Amazing, I know. I wouldn't have believed it possible a month ago. Something clicked the week before we moved here & I'm much better (knocking on wood LOUDLY!) Currently dealing w/mostly muscle spasms. They're awful & no fun, but spasms I can work through. Nerve pain, not so much. Hopefully, we have passed this hump & will not be seeing it again. (I have PAID my dues on this one, no?)

So, I suddenly seem all set to go to BlogHer10, no? NO. ::sigh:: Sadly, I have contracted this awful cough thing that Little has had since before school got out. Doctor didn't think it was whooping cough when I took her in. He did give us antibiotics which seems to reign it in, but not get rid of it. Big has it too, though not nearly like I do. I am up at this ungodly hour, because I couldn't. stop. coughing. I decided yesterday that I did not want to spend the conference sick. Or passing this on to everyone at the conference. While you would be home to read all the blogging I was doing, you probably would not be happy with me, and would be unfollowing me. So, I sent out an invoice this morning to sell my conference pass.

I still can't seem to really get ahead, but I am making progress. Guess that's all I can hope for right now.