Monday, July 26, 2010


I know I disappeared for a month. It's the first time since I started this blog that I've really taken a break. I've gone a whole month without posting. I needed a break, I still do, but the best I could manage was to quit trying to do so much. So my blog posting dropped off. Tweeting was about what I could manage, and did, with much vigor. I'm not gone. I just needed some time to regroup. (I'm not sure I really did, but it sounds good, right?) SV Moms has disbanded, which also contributed to my absence, (no one was poking me to get my posts in.) I have two cents I plan to give about that, but right now, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here. I do know you come check to see if I've posted anything, and I've had several things I plan to write mulling around in my head. Hopefully, I'll have something more later this week, next week for sure.

In the meantime:
  1. Things are (tentatively) better with my back (I cringe to write that for fear of jinxing it.)
  2. I'm on the fence about going to BlogHer10. Decision will be made in next day or two.
  3. The girls and I have spent a full week at the beach house for Big's Jr. Guard program. We were back this weekend & are playing with colds/allergies?, I decided we all needed a mental health day. We head back over the hill tonight, for two weeks.
  4. The beach has been cold & foggy. Highs have been in the 60's at best. This is not contributing to a positive outlook on my part.
  5. I'm fat & depressed about it. (On an up note, my back is finally giving me some room to move & do something about it.)
Ok, more this week, I promise!!!