Friday, July 21, 2006

Craig’s List

I’m addicted. A couple weeks ago I got on there to purchase a bouncy seat for my mom. She can’t find hers (we think she must’ve gotten rid of it, which is weird cause she doesn’t get rid of anything). So I found one for $8 (these normally run between $25-$45 depending on what bells and whistle it has). Before taking it over to my mom’s house I moved it to our upstairs. I liked not having to move ours up and down the stairs so much that I decide it was ours & got back on Craig’s List & got her another one. (This time for $10.)

Now, I’m in the neighborhood for a second boppy pillow. I have one I use for nursing , but they’re also great for propping the baby up to sit and “tummy time” play. This go around I got a cover that has toys attached to it so the baby has something to reach for while being mad that you’ve put her on her tummy. Thing is, I’m not that inclined to change the pillow cover all that often. And so to Craig’s List I go. I’m working on getting a free one right now, but I may end up pay $5 for one as that’s that person who has gotten back to me. Either way it’s once again, a huge bargain. I love a good bargain, (really who doesn't?) and Craig’s List is better then EBay because it’s local so instant gratification. I’m all about instant gratification.

So need me to find anything for you? I’m sure they have it on Craig’s list, for cheap!