Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New Time Suck

My time on the computer is so limited now and I’ve found those DIS boards which is where I seem to be heading whenever I’m still nursing and have read all my emails. (Doesn’t look good for my blogging does it?) Part of the problem is knowing the right questions to ask. There are TONS of tips and tricks to getting into/around Disney and avoiding lines, eating cheap, getting in on special promos, etc….But you need to know enough to even ask the question about them. I wish there were some list that linked you to these different areas so you could at least have a sense of what to ask. If you have any tips/advise dear Internet please do pass it on, every little bit helps. Expect to hear more about the Mouse House over the next month or so. I am super excited about this trip –can you tell? I think I will include anything I find especially interesting/excting/cool in my blog (I’ll block it out with the title Mouse Ears so you’ll know) so here’s your first one:

Mouse Ears:

I found this really cool thing on the message boards called “paying it forward” (PIF). The deal is that when a person goes to DL (or WDW) they post their dates & offer to PIF, which means the first 3 people who email them will get sent postcards from a character in the park . In most cases the idea is that the character will tell the recepient how excited they are about them coming to see them on the dates they’re scheduled to come. I think this is soooo cool!!! I totally signed up w/someone to have this done for TS. Can’t wait to see her face.

Also found out about Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique from a cousin at the reunion. (You must check out the pix here.) I have since found out that this is only in WDW. Sigh, so sad. I would’ve been all over this as a kid (and I hear adults can do this too, so if they had it at DL there’s a chance I would’ve done it w/TS. Note, the child would've been into it, I doubt highly that my folks would've paid for it.) Anyway, if you have girly girl (aka—princess) and I do, they you would probably be interested in this.

Other things:

Still working on the pix from the Colorado (family reunion). The gist of the trip is that it rained a lot (that’s our luck, CO is having a drought & we manage to go during the one week of rain they’ve had in years) and that we didn’t sleep much. BS was held ALL. DAY. LONG. so at night she wanted the same treatment. NOT. Anytime we’d put her down she’d start to cry. Under normal circumstances, not a problem, I have no issue with letting my child cry a little when I know she doesn't need anything, but the four of us were sharing a room and we didn’t want her to wake up TS. The end result was very little sleep for me. She ended up sleeping in her bouncy chair next to the bed, so if she fussed I could either give the chair an extra bounce with my foot (quiets her and if done long enough will actually put her to sleep) or nurse her. One night (at about 3AM) she did wake up TS, so DS was laying on the floor next to the bouncy chair rocking it trying to get BS back to sleep and I was in bed w/TS trying to get her back to sleep. BS gets up at 6 AM so not much sleep for me. As soon as we got home she went right back to her old schedule. Little turkey. I laid her down in her crib the first night & instead of crying she rolled on her side & went to sleep. I’m thankful I don’t have to “retrain” her on this front, but I need to find a new strategy for DL as we’ll be doing the family room share thing again. (Hopefully the fact that we’ll be so busy during the day will help. Not so much sleeping in people’s arms on that trip.)

BS, BTW, just gets more and more adorable every freaking day. She has to be upright after she eats (the reflux thing) so she sits in her chair next to me in the AM while I puruse the Web. She's playing w/the toy bar on her chair & just going to town on it; she can pull the characters with her feet and get it to play music. She likes to "talk" (coo) at the characters and beams when she gets them "talk back" (play music).

Ok, I’ve way surpassed my 10 min mark on computer time this AM. More later!


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