Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gung hay fat choy!

Happy Lunar New Year!!! It's the year of the Rat folks. Go out and eat some long noodles (for long life) and maybe some egg rolls or lumpia (Pilipino egg rolls) mmmmm! just because they're so yummy.
This is one of those times I am so very glad I live here in Silicon Valley because people not only know about all these cool different cultures, but they actively celebrate them. I didn't know that not everyone celebrated Lunar New Year until I went to college and had my eyes opened to some less diverse areas of the world. I'm very excited because our weather is back to normal (sunny! warm!) and it's supposed to hold this weekend, so I believe we will be taking the girls to their first Lunar New Year Parade. Yeah! The closest one to us is in San Jose and it's Vietnamese, (the big one in SF is Chinese) but they're all celebrating the same thing and it's so fun! DD1's class is having their own parade on Friday and they're all supposed to dress for it, I can't wait!
DaddySpeak & I are both Monkeys and we're supposed to have a very good year. DD1 is a Goat (or Sheep depending on where you're looking it up) and she too is supposed to have a very good year. DD2 is a Dog and it's supposed to be a tough, but growing year for her, fitting considering she's turning two this year and has already started her stride in the terrible part.
Do you do anything to celebrate the Lunar New Year?


Alison said...

have fun!! I agree, living in the Bay Area is wonderful for its cultural diversity...I am enjoying raising my kids here too!!