Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Did You Vote? AKA-- Avoiding Fun Monday

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m supposed to write a “bucket list” for Fun Monday. Honestly, this is one of the hardest things I’ve tried to do, so I’m trying to distract you; “Look! Something Shiny!” This is effectively my “The dog ate my homework of the Fun Mondays.”
When I started thinking about it, I realized I’ve done quite a few things that would typically be on the list; I’ve traveled to 11 countries in Europe & 3 in Asia, I’ve gone paragliding (run off a mountain w/a parachute, it was actually in the Alps, so a BIG mountain,) I whitewater rafted a level 5 river (also in Switzerland, BTW), I’ve hiked & skied in the Alps, so the usual things you’ll find on peoples lists; ie--thrill seeking and travel to exotic places are more or less covered. I’d still like to go to Australia & Africa, but I those are things I will probably save until after our kids have grown and if I don't make it, that's ok. I don’t really care if I do something like jump out of an airplane, I’ve run off a cliff so I think it’s more or less all the same at some point. Plus I kind of feel that now that I have children I really need to rethink the thrill seeking thing if death is a possible option.
Things I know I want to accomplish in this lifetime; I wanted to find my soul mate & grow old with him. I’m doing that. I wanted to have children and be able to be here to watch them grow. I hope to be able to be around to have a strong and happy relationship with grandchildren at some point. But these things are all things that will take my lifetime to accomplish.
I know, a bucket list is supposed to be the things you want to accomplish before you die. But if I could have spent a lifetime making happy memories w/my husband and watching my children grow up happy, healthy and into well-adjusted, successful adults who are able to meet their soul mates and have happy families, then I will have accomplished my life goals.

Sappy, yes. But truly the way I feel.

Look! Over there, something sparkly and shiny!