Sunday, February 03, 2008

Nominated for Mother of the Year!

Yeah, that’s for sure. I'm sure you'll agree after you read this:

My back’s bad today. One of the worst days I’ve had in a long time. Bad enough that I’m calling my doctor tomorrow. I think I need to either have another MRI or maybe another epidural. This has gotten ridiculous, it has now been over a year since I hurt it. I know a herniated disk has a long recovery time (they told me up to 9 months) and it is better than it was, (my siatica isn't as involved now,) but jeez a year is a long time.

Ok, I’m done complaining, but you get my point, it hurts. A LOT. So I’m much less patient about everything right now. I have a super short fuse and no tolerance for anything of any sort. The usual banter of questions that DD1 throws at me while in the car, I’m totally snapping at her over. I HATE it when I’m like that. It’s almost like I can see myself doing it, but am powerless to stop it from happening. Thus you have my mindset for the day. As I mentioned in my last post, DD2 has also been in rare form as of late; we are a treat to be around, let me tell you.

The girls both are in need of new shoes & my mom had offered to buy them. (She feels strongly that they need really good shoes while their feet are growing and will spend a minimum of $40 on their shoes to make sure they fit properly. Since my girls both wear shoes that cost more than double what mine cost, I‘m inclined to let her pay for them.) We’d been trying to coordinate a time when we were both available & found that we didn’t really care about the Super Bowl this year (I can TiVO the commercials) considering that the teams were both from the East Coast. We headed off to the good (pricey) kid's shoe store (not Payless Shoe Source) to get the girls some new tennis. All was well during this, except that the little bit of walking we did in the mall really made my back tweak out. Bad. DaddySpeak was at a neighbor’s house watching the game & I called him on our way home because I was in no condition to deal with the girls alone. Plus I was totally taking a major pain pill as soon as I got home. Before we’d left the mall DD1 had complained that her tummy hurt because she was hungry. I figured she was trying to make a play for Starbucks or McD’s (which she was totally not getting) and told her she could have some fruit when we got home. In the car she cleared her throat and it sounded a lot like she was getting sick. My mom questioned her about where she learned to clear her throat like that (probably at school) but she got all sensitive about it and wouldn’t answer. She did it one more time and then literally started crying that her throat hurt. Well no wonder dude, don’t clear it like that & it won’t hurt. My mom looked at me and said, “Do you think it really hurts her?” to which I replied, “No. I think she’s all bent about the throat clearing question and this is her face saving attempt at attention.” You might say I was a bit skeptical. In my defense, this type of episode is not uncommon for her. She can be a bit sensitive at times. Just as we pull into the driveway DS is walking up and she’s crying at this point. He gets her out of the car, but now she’s pulling the whole “I only want Mommy” thing which isn’t helping her case so much. (Remember, Mommy ain’t feeling so hot, so needy clingy , whiney kid is not what I’m in the mood for exactly.) We go in the house & get her calmed down. I check her throat, nothing. I get her settled in front of the playroom TV w/a “My Pretty Pony” movie and life is generally back to normal.

Let’s all bow our heads now in a moment of gratitude for “My Pretty Pony” and
their like.

So I finally get my pain pill and lay down on my “good” side on the couch in the family room so I can yell at DD2 and then hassle DS because he’s really only half watching her while he’s watching the game. Then, right as the Giant’s score their first touchdown , DD1 goes into the bathroom & starts retching. Because of the activity on the TV, I totally have to yell at DS (over the TV) that I think she’s getting sick, he can see her from where he’s sitting and runs into her, (he didn't even stop to pause the TiVO, so I do have to give him props for that part).

Poor baby got totally sick; barfed her little guts out.

Yup, Mrs. Sympathetic that’s me.

Just nominate me for Mother of the Year, I’m sure I deserve it.

My poor kid is feeling sick and I’m totally dis’ing her cause I think she just wants attention. And she got sick two more times after that. I'm a piece of work, am I not? I’m still not sure if she’s really sick or if she just ate something that didn’t agree with her. Hopefully it was the later & she’s done with it by now.

Just so you know, I know when I’m a total a**hole, even to my 4YO, and I told her I was sorry she didn’t feel good and I was sorry I snapped at her in the car. She came and laid on me on the couch for the next hour (in-between getting sick). I know she enjoyed the attention. She's currently sleeping w/a large tupperware bowl next to her now, cause I care. Nothing says I care about you like plastic bed assesories (hmmm, wonder what that will do to all those Google searches?) and holding your hair back while barfing. Daddy held the hair back, so I got her the bowl. What a team we are, no?

And I did let her have a pedalite popsicle on the couch tonight. She just about fell over when I suggested that she could lay on the couch & eat it instead of at the kitchen table.

That right there should ensure my winning “Mother of the Year.”


nikki said...

We use large soup pots at our house!

Alison said...

don't feel too daughter was about the same age as yours and we were on our way to church...she started complaining about her tummy hurting and such and I thought she was just we get to church and she says she has to go to the bathroom and I think...not now...and then she throws up in my lap, all over me and all over the pew!!!