Monday, April 21, 2008

I need a weekend from my weekend now.

I was going to write about my weekend, but once I started writing I realized how freaking boring it really was, sorry, such is life in suburbia. I'll bullet list the high lights below. And then to make it up to you, a photo I've been meaning to post.
  • My back was pretty sucky all weekend long. Vicodin and my bed are my new BFFs.

  • We pulled the training wheels off BigSpeak's bike (running along w/her, not one of my smarter choices.) I predict she'll be w/out training wheels full time by June 1st!

  • I found a great new place for pedicures!

  • We got our fence fixed!

  • My neighbor (who shares the fence) came over to yell at me because her dog got out during fence fixing (somehow this was my fault) and her 90+YO dad fell looking for him (also somehow my fault.) She ruined all my good pedi vibes by making me feel guilty. Bah!

  • LittleSpeak is doing her best to try and make me rethink the whole SAHM thing.

  • BigSpeak has started a new line of whining and I may have to cut her tongue out.

  • Got decorations for LittleSpeak's b-day next weekend: going to be a Fiesta!

Thanks for letting me vent; and now your reward.....BigSpeak playing in the backyard!

Her beauty continues to amaze me. Even if she is whiny sometimes.


JanMary said...

Sounds just like a weekend here. Oh and I have a beautiful whiner too!