Friday, April 03, 2009

Thank Goodness for Fish Cake!

Today was not my most stellar day as a mom. I'm sure it's one that will stick in my kids' minds, but it's one I'd probably like to forget. I got a diagnosis; sinus infection. Some antibiotics, cough meds w/codeine & I'm on the mend, I hope. Today was the day our cleaning people come. In order for them to really be able to clean, the house needs to be picked up. It wasn't. Well it wasn't this AM. This morning when I got up I found that every single room in this house looked like the contents of the drawers/shelves/cupboards had all thrown up. I was too tired to be pissed. I got Big off to school & laid down on the couch. I then worked on the house 10 mins at a time w/my timer. The state of my house was the reason for my less than stellar mom skills today. At one point I told the girls; "If this house EVER looks like this again, I'm just not coming home till it's picked up." I think what made me that maddest is that it was like, "Hey, Mom's sick, it's a free for all!" As if I wouldn't notice or care. If the cleaners weren't coming I wouldn't have picked it all up, I would've made them all do it. My girls know to put their trash in the trash can & their dirty clothes in the hamper. I don't normally have to tell them to put their dishes in the sink when they're done or to put their toys away when they move on to something else. They know. I guess that's what bugged me the most, that they do it w/out being told if I'm around.

On another note, I discovered something about myself. You know when you're not feeling well you want comforting things. I realized that my version of comfort food is Japanese. Who knew? Well, I sort of did, but it's been a while. Tonight, I went out & got myself some Udon (Japanese noodle soup) and sushi. And now, I'm sitting my quiet, clean house alone (the kids & daddy are at the neighbors having pizza, although I did drop off a spider and part of a rainbow roll to daddy.) But I suddenly feel so much more human!

Nothing a little fish cake & wasabi can't fix, right?