Sunday, June 06, 2010

Fat Clothes

Had to buy new clothes today. This is the down side of the weather finally improving; summer clothes. It's been humid here too, so there's no getting around it, I needed some shorts & tank tops. I've been making due w/sweats & sweat shorts (I wear to PT) up till now. When my MIL visited she washed the shorts that do fit & has misfiled (put away in the wrong person's dresser) my 2 pairs of my (current) favorite shorts. Since I only have 2 other pairs (both white) I'm at a loss. Today at Target I found several pairs of shorts & some tank tops (that aren't clingy) & brought them home. I want to cry. I'm not going to tell you the sizes, but it's the largest I've ever been in my life. I'm so frustrated. I knew my general size, so when I was there I grabbed the size & bought them, figuring I could return anything that didn't fit. A couple of the tops fit, but I know they'll shrink w/washing, so they're going back. One pair of shorts & a skirt fit cute. One pair of shorts had pleats. PLEATS! What the hell people??? No one over size 2 should wear pleats. Good Lord! Really, I didn't accomplish much. I need to go do some more. We're going to Hawaii in a couple weeks, so I need to have some clothes to wear. I want to cry.

I started low carb & was really good...for TWO days. Then that went to hell. Turns out Aunt Flo was coming to visit & hasn't been in a while, so that was part of the problem. I'm getting back on that horse tomorrow instead of running behind it.
Going to try & power through walking two 15 min stretches a day. Will take pain pills to make this (the 2nd one) happen. I read a post tonight about someone I follow who has lost a bunch of weight. She put her before & after pix on the post (I think it's private, so I'm not linking to it for now). Her current weight is my current weight, but she's been running & working out so she looks GREAT! I realize that my real issue is that I'm not moving enough. Yeah, I'm in pain when I do, but I'm in pain when I don't, so really, what's the difference. I seem to do my best when I when on vacation & moving a lot. I believe it has mostly to do w/not driving, but I'm thinking that if I can get myself into better shape, it certainly won't hurt my back situation. I can't say I'm not doing it to lose weight, but the truth is really that I'm doing it to feel better. Losing weight will be an added benefit, which will make me feel MUCH better.

So here it goes. Starting tomorrow. Walk in morning & in afternoon. Put it in writing, so now I'm committed. You're gonna keep me honest people!