Wednesday, April 06, 2011

More of the Same

I go to see my "new" rheumatologist tomorrow. This last week has been more of the same. One day I'm pretty good & actually get a few things done. Next day, I'm down w/IBS or a migraine or both. I'm tracking everything and honestly, it doesn't seem like my diet (low-carb) is the reason for my IBS. But I'm going to stick with it. If nothing else, I will start to lose weight from it, at some point, and that won't hurt.

Last weekend I went to San Diego and stayed at a spa w/my BFF & another of her friends. I was actually really good for the weekend. About an hour after I got home, I got a headache. I had opened a soda about 10 mins prior and only had about 2 sips of it. But I hadn't had any soda all weekend, so I thought maybe I was on to something. But it seems not. I've had that same headache off and on since Sunday night. This afternoon, it got really bad. My meds got it under control a few hours after DaddySpeak got home.

I'm hoping for something enlightening tomorrow. Realistically, I know that's unlikely, but a girl can dream.