Thursday, May 04, 2006

Good News & more Good News

Dr. appt went well today. BS was up to 5# 9 oz, I do NOT think she gained 9 oz over night. I think I got a bad scale the other day. However, I do think she may have been somewhat dehydrated and you could account for a more significant gain that way. Anyway, the dr was glad to hear what I’d been doing, and since she was gaining at this point we’ll go in for a reweigh tomorrow and next week. Whew!

I’m still exhausted, 3 hours between feedings is still no picnic, especially when you consider 20 mins on the boob, 10 mins pumping and usually 20 mins on the bottle, but its better then where we were. (Gawd, I did this for SIX WEEKS with TS! I was insane. How was I not having post partum depression that time?) Hopefully we’ll get her up to her birth weight by next week & I can stretch out her nights a little more then. I think it’s kicking my butt more this time because I can’t “sleep when the baby sleeps”, that whole having another kid thing. She’s just not up for hourly naps.

I have lots more to write, but going to keep is short (HA, HA) and head to bed. So the other good news today (and you’re going to think I’m totally vain, but who cares, you can think that,) I tried on a pair or pre-pregnancy jeans today AND THEY FIT! Got on the scale at the doctors today and I’ve lost the 10# already!!!! I know you’re like, jeez it’s only 10#, get over yourself beyoch. But when I had TS I never got back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and I had to wear maternity clothes for months after. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have a tire like jelly round my middle. And I DREAD bathing suits this summer (Ok, I dread them pretty much every summer) but I can’t tell you what a difference something like zipping up your old jeans can do to your self esteem. Now to work on the 10 I never lost from TS.

Now. I Sleep.


katiebird said...

Sounds like you should visit Back in Skinny Jeans and make a report -- Congratulations.

And I'm very glad to hear that things are going so well.