Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Kicking my Butt

Quite literally. This back pain thing is really on my backside, in my hip and it’s killing me. I should’ve bought stock in the company that owns Tylenol. Seriously. It’s the main reason I haven’t gotten back into my regular blogging (or cleaning or anything else for that matter.) The worst is the stairs, which I have to go up to get to my computer. Second worst is if I’m walking and carrying something heavy—like say a child. It scares me a little because I’m afraid I’m going to either lock up completely or my leg will collapse out from under me. Yes, that’s how bad it is. I can’t get into my physical therapist again until June 1. BAH!

Outlaws are showing up again. Actually, I’ve had lots to report over this trip, but just no bandwidth to write it. There was much drama over this visit; they were ignoring my request for a month without overnight visitors and had intended to show up on the 18th. DS and I went back & forth on it, but he did push back with them & they did agree to this week. There’s much more to it, but I’ve got 2 minutes (maybe) before TS gets out of bed & comes in here, so that’s all you’re getting on it for now. Plus I know I’ll be back online sometime today (tonight) as I just realized that I need to send out an evite for TS’s b-day party (we’re having on June 3rd) because I don’t have my shite together & it’s now too late to send out the invites we bought. (Don’t tell her, cause I did manage to get to a party store last week with her & let them pick them out—Cinderella, of course.) Her b-day is tomorrow. I’ll see if I can’t pull up her birth story & post that then. No pix right now as she’s opening the door to her room. More soon, I promise.