Saturday, May 13, 2006

Under Construction

Ok, I know I TOTALLY owe you photos & stories & such. And here I am changing my template without an update. I was just checking a couple things on other people’s sites (Bean’s Dad is now a dad for the 2nd time BTW) and I saw that Zoot had posted a bunch of free Blogger templates. She’s had these up for a while, but until now nothing had jumped out at me. This one is sooooo totally me! OHMYGAWD! I love her so much and I haven’t even met her. So you need to go and read her site and tell her how pretty she is and send her Krispy Kremes (if you’re feeling really generous).

So yeah, any time I should’ve spent writing to you has now been spent playing with this new temeplate (although remarkably easy so pretty much no time at all). The fact that it took no time all should also explain why my lazy ass is not getting rid of extraneous navigation right this second. (Tomorrow, my mantra these days.) Yes, what I do (for work) is web related. Why haven’t I done something like this for myself? Lazy, mostly. And I know I’ll put too much effort into it, so it'll take too much time from my actual blogging. My goal with this blog has been to stick with they content part & then later I may put some effort into the design (fun stuff). So when I find something I love and it’s free I’m totally jumping on it.

Quick update

Since I'm here I should at least give you an update.

Dr. appt went well. She was still her birth weight. I have (rented) a baby scale this weekend to see how much BS is getting each time she eats. The little piggy is taking in NO LESS then 2.5 oz each feeding! Dude! That is a TON for someone who only weighs 6 oz total. So we’ve nixed the supplement bottle at each feeding. DS has been taking the 3 AM feeding (WAHOO!) So I only have to get up to pump for 10 mins at that time. This means I am effectively getting a 5 hour stretch of sleep at night (more or less). Two nights in a row now, I'm a freaking new woman. I’m also only pumping one other time a day right now (trying to slow down my milk production but also avoid engorgement issues.) Apparently, I can feed the multitudes. BS takes 2.5 oz from me and I can still pump out another 4 oz—trust me this is an insane amount of milk. I’m not complaining, since we have it under control I can now say that I’d rather have this problem then too little milk. Ok, I’ll see if I can’t get DS to upload the pix tonight & then be able to write a post with more tomorrow or Monday.

Just call me Bessie. MOO!


Monica said...

Thanks for the link...I found one I really like. Very scrapbookerish. :)

Antique Mommy said...

Love the new look. You have inspired me to do something about my place. Off to Zoot's!

Oh, and hooray for hungry babies. That's good!