Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Still Alive!

Hi Internet. Yeah, it’s me, remember me? I’m still alive. Sort of. TS has preschool tomorrow and while I have full day already planned out (got to get those errands done when I only have one child in tow) I PROMISE to fill you in on things again sometime tomorrow. So this is just a quick “Hi” to let you know we’re still here at the house of Speak. BS is back up to her birth weight as of yesterday! (That’s me dancing a little jig in the corner here. Now, that’s me passing out from exhaustion in the same corner.) We have a dr appt tomorrow; it’s 2 weeks already! I know, it’s flown by for you. I, however, have been awake, literally, for the majority of it. Doesn’t go by quite as fast when you’re awake for all of it. Anway, I’m sort of waiting to update you after to dr. appt. Ok, Miss you! I need to go feed the baby. I’ll TTYT! More pix tomorrow too, I promise!