Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyber Monday

Hmmm…First there’s Thanksgiving, then Black Friday…not sure what Saturday & Sunday are (me thinks the stores lump them in w/Friday, but I may start referring to them as Shiny Saturday and Sparkly Sunday). Now there’s Cyber Monday, how about ‘Sleep In Tuesday’ or ‘Bankruptcy Wednesday’? Oh, I think that hits in January when the credit card bills come.

So quick update on the weekend:

Turkey Day – Relatively painless. The most we could’ve hoped for really. No one
got too drunk or nasty. My kids generally held it together and we were able to
leave early enough to get the girls to bed at a reasonable time. Oh, and the
food was good.

Black Friday -- spent the day on and off the couch. Back
pain was bad, but we were having a party on Saturday so I need to get some
things done. I would dust and lay on the couch, run an errand, lay on the
couch…that’s pretty much how the day went. Around 4 I finally gave up, took half
a vicodin and went to bed. Slept though dinner, but felt much better when I got
up. Later, when I went to bed for the night, I laid there realizing that my
lower back was in a complete spasm & if you put your hand on it you could
feel the spasms happening. Yeah for vicodin is all I have to say. No shopping
for me, but dude! Who the heck is getting up to go shopping at 4AM????

Saturday –Spent the morning getting ready for the party. Pain was
pretty low key. Party was fun and low key.

Sunday—Gloomy, grey
day…matched my mood. Pain was back and I “trudged” through the day feeling sort
of drugged (I wasn’t) and blah. Got DS to finally put some baby locks on the
desk in the kitchen, but ended up cleaning out the whole desk as a result.
Wasn’t really planning on taking that on. So I still need to clean the house
from the weekend. Blah.

So here we are Cyber Monday. I'm at work, but yes, I will be partaking in the sales, as long as I don't have to get up at 4 AM. Will you?


nikki said...

Dude, I just moved. I already feel bankrupt. (Did I forget to mention we haven't sold the other house yet?!?!) Christmas is gonna be cheap this year.

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