Friday, November 02, 2007

Taking it from Behind

On my way to work Thursday I was rear ended. It wasn’t a bad accident. In fact the damage to my bummer is pretty minimal. I as stopped at a red light (3rd in line) and the kid (age 17, of course) behind me didn’t stop. Thinking about it, I’m pretty sure he never hit his breaks; at least I never heard his tires. He was going around 35-40 when he hit meo , so minimal damage to the car because he hit me square, but not totally minimal to me, because he hit me hard (and the fact that I’m already pretty banged up doesn’t help.) He had insurance and pulled over to exchange information, etc…so I’m at least thankful for that. Within an hour of this accident I was starting to stiffen up. By the time 3 hours had passed my lower back & neck were quite angry about the whole deal and additionally giving me a headache. I cut my losses and left work early . At home I took a vicodin, applied ice and tried to sleep it off for a couple hours. It did help. I woke up feeling much better; probably not feeling much of anything to be honest. The minimalizing of the pain lasted until about noon today. Now I’m laying on the couch (blogging) while DD#1 colors and DD#2 sleeps. I probably wouldn’t even mention all this except that DS had to go out of town for the weekend. His Grandmother (age 92) passed this week and he has to go back to PA for the funeral. He won’t be back until Monday night. If my back is bothering me I’m out of luck this weekend, because I’m on my own.

The biggest issue over this is that I didn’t get to post about our Halloween. Now it seems so long ago that it hardly seems relevant. BAH!

Here the Reader’s Digest version so I can feel better about it:
Trick or Treating was fun. The big kids were frenzied and we were constantly yelling, “Don’t Run”, “Wait for us!” and “Slow Down”. A couple times one of the kids bit it because the house was dark & they couldn’t see the step the just tripped over. A few skinned knees, but otherwise no one was worse for the ware. And no candy was lost in the chaos. DD#2 got into the swing of things by house two and FILLED her bucket. Her petit-ness worked in her favor and people were amazed to see someone so small and cute toddling up to their porch, “Twik o Twet!” and their hearts just melted. A “Tank You” (without being prompted) and they’re signing their mortgages over to us. So both girls had a blast. DD#1 asked to come home about 5 minutes after her normal bedtime, but I made her keep going to houses as we worked our way home (no one wants to be the party pooper!). Once home she wanted to have a piece of candy and when I said, “Yes, but just one.” She started to riffle through her treat bag. We got the distinct pleasure of teaching her how to “sort her candy” by dumping it all out on the floor. She thought that was pretty cool (cause it is) and I know will be teaching her sister the finer art of candy sorting next year. She re-sorted it the next day with her G’ma, or course.

My only complaint (you knew there was at least one) about the evening is sort of random. Our neighborhood is one that people drive into in order to bring their kids Trick or Treating. I have no issues with that in of itself. I think it’s great that their kids are able to get the experience even though they don’t totally feel safe about their own area. I get that and I’m cool with it. The thing I wasn’t cool with was the group of 10+ cars in a line going down the street following the group of 20 or so kids as they went house to house. Get the hell out of your cars people! It wasn’t even cold that night, so there was no good excuse, just laziness. It bothered me mostly because it was so dangerous to the kids out Trick or Treating. They were watching their kids, talking on the phone, etc…but someone’s kid runs into the street unexpectedly….ok that was my rant. We took lots of pix but none were as good as the ones I already posted, so you can scroll back to see Arial & Minnie Mouse.

I’m off to our Friday Neighborhood Playdate (I think I’m going to start calling FAC for Friday Afternoon Club, like in college.) Wish me luck over this weekend, if it doesn’t go well it’s going to be a really, really long weekend.