Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Holiday Spirit

Still not completely myself, I’m just so freaking tired. I’ve been going to work and all, but I get home and literally fall onto the couch & pass out. The headaches seem to have abated so that’s a plus. Now that work is giving me actual assignments I’m finding that being ill really cuts into my blogging time. Gonna have to work on that one.

So it’s officially the holiday season (you can tell because the red cups are out at Starbucks) which means the official season of bitching about my family has begun. Some friends and I from work were talking yesterday about the upcoming holidays and all the things we have to do related to them, especially on the day of the holiday. I would say our biggest gripe is about where we have to go and who we have to spend them with. I’m not totally dis’ing my family. It’s just the whole hurry and do this so we can hurry and do that aspect to the day. “We have to open presents by 10 so we can finish cooking the side dishes by noon, and get the turkey in before everyone shows up at 12:30…blah, blah, blah.” That part of it isn’t all that much fun, it’s just kind of stressful.

If you have to drive to various houses (I don’t, but one of my friend does) then you’re doing the drive, drive, drive so you can spend a short amount of time at each place and realize that you spent more time in the car then anywhere else that day.

I've made suggestions for things like ordering the dinner from a grocery store so everyone can relax, but I get shot down, "that's not how we do it." Well, maybe is should be. How about just hanging at home & everyone gets to play with their new toys? Maybe we could do the eating part the day before and then spend Christmas day lounging in PJs, opening gifts, playing with new stuff and knocking back leftovers & cocktails. Now, that sounds like my kind of day.


creative-type dad said...

That's my kind of Christmas day.

I hope to get lots of toys, one being a huge HDTV

mama speak said...

And were you a very good boy this year? For that kinda bling I'm thinking Santa would require some extra credit.