Monday, November 05, 2007

Universal Law of Mondays

There is a universal law that states: “Regardless of what time I get up to leave for work, and how much I do at night to be able to be ready to leave early, there will be obstacles that will thwart my efforts and provide that I arrive at my usual 30 minutes late every time.”

Last night I showered, blew my hair dry, pulled out my clothes, made lunches (mine and DD#1), put everything I needed to take with me by the door and filled the car up with gas. There is no reason why I should’ve been late today. Even if I were to wake up late, because of the time change I should be good, right?

Yeah, well the kids decided to wake up early (WTF?). When they get up they want my undivided attention & today was no exception. My mom usually deals with picking out clothes and getting them dressed on work mornings, but this morning I did it. I also ended up starting their breakfast & getting the dogs out before my mom showed up. None of it is big stuff, but it all steals a few minutes here and there.

To make up the time, I didn’t touch up the ends of my hair & I grabbed my makeup to go. I figured I could put it on at work. Hugs, kisses, “Have a good day! I love you!” and I’m out the door, just 5 minutes later then I wanted to get out.

I unlock the driver’s door w/the key & only the driver’s side unlocks. Hmmm, that's weird, maybe it didn’t hold it long enough., put it back in and turn, hold, hold, hold….no, nothing. Ooook, I put my stuff in the car over the driver’s seat & as I’m putting my lunch on the floor I see that the light over DD#1’s seat is turned on.

Uh oh.

I put the keys in the ignition & turn. Nothing.


I had the battery charger in the back of the car, so I was able to get the car moving right away, but after the time it took to jump the car, I didn’t get pulled out the drive way until the usual 30 minutes late.

When I got here, I pulled in at the same time as my boss, so she’s well aware of what time I got in today. Lovely.

Just a friendly reminder; it’s Monday! Can I go back to bed now?