Monday, November 19, 2007

Gift Me Baby One More Time….

Ok, my friend & I were talking about the whole gift giving thing. We’ve decided that Gift Cards should not be considered impersonal. We’re taking up the charge. I mean think about it, aren’t there people you buy for who really, really don’t need anything else in this world? Often times they’re the same people who would really like certain kinds of things, but because it’s their hobby, not yours, what they want would be out of your price range or something you just don’t know enough about to really purchase for them. I agree that gift cards are not appropriate for some people; kids for instance. You can usually figure out something to give a most kids that are age appropriate and in your price range. Include the gift receipt if you think there’s a good chance they have it already, but kids are as excited about opening something as they are the gift itself, so I think kids are out on this one. But for people like teachers, your 90YO Aunt, your teenage/tween-age cousin who you really don’t see very often, your secret Santa co-worker, etc…I think it’s entirely appropriate to give a gift card. Let’s face it; none of us need that 13th bottle of Bath & Body Works lotion, no matter how important moisturizing is to you. And I’m pretty sure you kid’s teacher already has that “#1 Teacher” mug from the last 3 years. So this year I’m starting the Gift Card rebellion of ’07! Ok, not really, but there are a few people who I’m getting them for, because I know that’s what they would appreciate and it’s not impersonal in that case. Plus I’m creative about where they’re from, so that makes them more personal. Here’s what I mean:

Teachers: Movie passes, enclosed in a “popcorn” bucket, with some
raisinettes, & microwave popcorn.

90YO Aunts/Uncles: I have several of these in my family. They do not
need another sweater or coffee mug. I’m getting one Aunt a month long bus
pass (she doesn’t drive) and a gift card to target (her favorite store).
For another Aunt & Uncle I’m getting them a gift card to a local
brewery. I’ll put enough on it for dinner, but since they don’t drive at
night any more they’ll probably get two lunches out of it.

Close family friends: Starbucks card (even if they don’t drink coffee, there are plenty of other yummy things, I’m sure they’ll find something to use it on.) A holiday travel mug is included to help make it more personal or if you know they’re really into coffee or tea you could get them a bag or the “good stuff”, and this year you can personalize your starbucks cards online, so I’m totally doing that.

So do you have any ideas for this? I’m all ears, I’m always on the look out for creative ways to give someone something they would really appreciate.


Heather said...

Teacher gifts - last year, our family gave a disposable camera and a small album to encourage receipients to take photos of their holiday and make an album of their holidays

This year, we are giving a deck of UNO cards, popcorn and candy for a family game night.