Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Good Reads and my Weirdness (maybe that makes this Weird Wednesday)

I’m totally having the weirdest day.

I couldn’t turn my mind off last night so I didn’t fall asleep until after 3. Yes, 3 AM. Then DD2 woke up at 5 and WOULD. NOT. GO. BACK. TO. SLEEP. How do they know when to do that to you? I did get some awesome cuddle time with her and she totally would’ve gone back to sleep if I let her sleep ON me in my bed. But I needed to get up soon and knew I’d sleep through the alarm if I tried that one. So awake I was.

Maybe today isn’t really weird, maybe it’s just me. I mean weirder than usual. Save it. I’m just delirious and when I get over that and hit my wall (which I can’t believe I haven’t’ hit already BTW) then I’ll realize it was just the jolt of caffeine and TWO F’ING HOURS of sleep that’s the problem.

I'm having really, really good blog karma today and wanted to share. Cause I lurve you Internet, really I do and that's not the coffee talking. I swear!

Cry-It-Out has a post that will leave you in tears. Mike’s a really good writer (damn I sound like a ‘tard. “He write good.”) Duh, he get’s paid for it for a reason. Usually his posts are funny and sweet and they resonate with me because DD2 is the same age as his Emme. (And she's adorable.) That and Emme was my #2 name for DD2. (Actually name #2 was Emilia, which is Spanish for Emily, but I totally would’ve called her Emme, so I feel all connected with him or something. And now he’s going to realize what a total freak I am and be all concerned I’m stalking his daughter and block my comments….told you I was in a weird mood). Anyway, short story long, his post today is the definition of melancholy. I’m touched enough by it that I’m telling you to go read it. You might want to have a tissue nearby.


I’ve found two new blogs! (Cause I didn't have enough on my plate.) Well, new to me. You, Internet, have been holding out on me. I thought you loved me. I’ve totally wasted like 2 hours here at work reading archives of both of them and I think I pink puffy heart them both. Ahhh, new infatuation love. So while you didn’t tell me Internet, I will not hold out on you:

She’s a curly girl like me, so I already feel all bonded with her. Yup, that’s what it’s come to folks, you have the same hair as me & I’m your BFF.

My Husband Calls Me Weird
Nicki just moved into a new house during the Thankgiving rush (hmmm….who does that sound like?) And is in debt (she’s American, duh). She does rude things to her new appliances (I'm not saying I do that, but if I did I probably wouldn't write about it. I'm just saying I understand her.) and when I saw her choice in Threadless shirts, I realized I just met my soul sista! I think I seriously have a girl-crush on her.

Ok, I do actually have some work to do here today folks. Gasp! I know it’s been two weeks now and I’ve had stuff to do every day but one. (Yeah, there was a extra long weekend in there, so what?) The stuff I have to do today, involves the paper trail of those who flaked on the project I’ve been working on. And, so as not to become one of those people I should probably get back to that. Ya think? More later, seriously, cause I have new pictures!


cry it out! said...

For your information, I've just filed a restraining order, so please stop appearing at our door. It is unseemly.

I can't thank you enough for the kind words -- you really made my day. (And you'll also be happy to know that Emme might not be such a hot choice when it comes to names, unless you like to hear a certain someone marching around the house ALL. DAY. shouting, "Emme! Emme! Emme!" It is driving me crazy.

Thanks again, and thanks for pointing out the other cool blogs -- great reads!


(And you thought YOU were wordy ... I know a good lawyer for your own restraining order.)

Kimberly said...

Squeeeeeeeee!!! I was just coming to thank you for your hair advice yesterday and I see your sweet post :)

You are a great find too. So glad we met! My hair is greatful as well. I'm stil curly. A little darker and 3 inches shorter but I like, I like :)

Debs said...

I am curly too! I will have to check out the blog. Nikki is my crack and so brave moving to a new house so close to Thanksgiving.