Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Best Laid Plans…..

Yeah, so I was supposed to post on Fun Monday…silence….and now it’s Wednesday.

I think I missed it. I took pictures during the weekend and outlined in my head what I would write about, I was so prepared! But it just didn’t happen. I’ve been having a rough week. It hasn’t been awful or anything, just unbelievably busy and exhausting and Gawd it’s not over yet, it’s only Wednesday! sob I guess I mean, “It’s only Wednesday!” In spite of the fact that I haven’t had an opportunity to sit down for two minutes I still have TONS of things to do.

Soooo the biggest obstacle I faced in participating correctly in Fun Monday was the lack of sleep I got Sunday night. DD2 has been teething for going on a month now. About a month ago, out of nowhere; low-grade fever, drool-y (from a kid who doesn’t typically have that issue), wants her bink all the time, wants to be held all the time, cranky….you get the picture: teething.

DD1 never complained about getting teeth. In fact, the way we would know she got a new tooth was because she was nursing and would tend to bite me whenever a new one was coming in. Testing it out I guess. She got 4 teeth at 4 months (all at once) and then got one a month until she was a year. After that, I stopped nursing (because she was biting me enough to draw blood for several days, think pink milk; there’s your visual. You’re welcome.) And one day it was like, “Oh look, she’s got molars.”
Not so much with DD2. She’s been pretty low key about her teeth up till now, but these ones are killing her. So that was my very long way of telling you she couldn’t sleep Sunday night because of teething. She wanted to be rocked & held. This started around midnight & at 1 AM I was dying so I brought her to bed with me. I’ve never done that before. Having sleep issues create a whole different dynamic about bringing your kids in bed with you. Anything that might prevent you from sleeping well, you avoid. So up until Sunday neither of my child had spent a whole night in our bed. So all 3 of us were miserable. Thing about it was that she was happy enough to be in our bed, but what she really want was to lay ON ME and be held, while holding Daddy’s hand. After less then 2 hours sleep (and not all in one shot) I was a bit loopy all day Monday. I was lucky I made it to work in one piece, much less put a full sentence together.

Yesterday, I crammed and got the Grandparent’s scrapbooks finished. So that’s what I took up my time with on Tuesday. I’m really happy with them and I’m really happy I didn’t have to pay extra postage in order for the one to make it to Kansas before Christmas. But I AM SHOT.

Today, I’m dealing with the rental home we have and trying to get a credit report done on an applicant. She didn’t meet the criteria, but because of the way the system is set up now, I don’t know any details. I’m debating about what my standards should be, but I still feel that I ought to stick with my original plan, so I’ve had to relist it. So Much Fun!!!

And, of course, I have not finished my Christmas shopping. Tonight after the girls go to bed I’ll be out trying to finish up. Sigh. I’m tired. Oh, and I forgot to bring the hard drive with my photos on it to post for Fun Monday. I do believe I have missed Fun Monday for this week. I suck, which I wouldn’t mind so much if I could just get some sleep while I was sucking…