Monday, December 03, 2007

POB, Perfectly ;-)

The Original Perfect Post Awards

One of my fav reads every day is over at Cry It Out. Mike’s an excellent writer; I mentioned that last Wednesday when I was pimping other people’s blogs (OPB). There I two reasons I find Mike’s narrations compelling:

1) He has an adorable daughter who is the same age as DD2. It’s always good to commiserate with others, who are going through similar things, and I have no doubt that his Emme and DD2 will be cohorts in crime fast friends, if we ever finally meet IRL.

2) I aspire to be able to write as well as he does; he’s very good at communicating the feelings of a moment/story in very short order. (My 8th grade English teacher would’ve said, “He’s pithy.”) I, on the other hand, need to write a shot story just to tell you that I woke up.

I nominated this particular post for a November Perfect Post because it resonated with me on some many levels. From the comments he received I would say I am not alone.