Thursday, December 13, 2007

X-mas-y Type Things.

We decorated on Sunday, and at the beginning I had lots of helpers.

(Please note we have given the living room to the kids as a playroom, my whole house is not full of toys, you're pretty much seeing all of it. And yes, we do have way too much, a good portion of which is hand-me- downs.)

Why yes, that is a life size Barbie in the background, you mean you don't have one?

I made a huge deal about putting the star on the top of the tree the first year for DD1 and now I may have created a monster. We let DD1 put it on, but then had to stage a second round for DD2. The annual Staging of the Star!

DS decided the star needed straitening, but DD2 wasn't going to be left out of that either.

This incident should've clued us into the upcoming accident on Tuesday in which she pulled a chair onto her face, but that's another story. (Thankful no permanent damage, just to my ego and her trust I'm sure.) Right now my child and I are so bruised up I'm sure CPS is on their way over.

The kids had to go to bed before we were done, so near the end, not so much on the helpers Even Merit crashed out.
Monkey was providing help of her own kind. I’m sure she’ll do her best to scale the tree in the next week.

And finally the end product! (I kinda like blurry one, it's all with me here people!)


nikki said...

Dude, the life size Barbie kind of creeps me out. It scare the crap out of myself in the middle of the night if I caught the doll in the corner of my eye.


nikki said...

Oh and your kids?!? Freaking adorable.

Alison said...

beautiful the pet pictures. surprisingly enough our cats leave the tree alone!!

Alison said...

Oh, BTW...I too love Kongs for the dogs. I fill them with peanut butter or cheese whiz....great stuff!!

kitten said...

So cute!

Debs said...

Love the pics.

My kids had so much stuff when they were that little, and it was all in the living room, bath room, their bed room. It looked like I was running a Day care center..but I loved it. :D