Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Chaos

I don't know if you can tell, but this photo is only partway through the gift opening. It was crazy, but so much fun. DD1 was much less excited initially than I would've thought. I guess the idea of the fat guy bringing her the doll was a done deal in her mind. I would've expected a bit more excitement. But the doll has not been put down since, so I'm not complaining. DD2 was way more excited about her Santa gift than I would've thought. She saw that car & went running right for it. She knew it was hers. We actually ended up opening some of her gifts for her cause we couldn't tear her away from the damn car. So cute. It was a fun day, but now I feel like I'm recovering from a major hangover. The last couple days I've been feeling like I'm walking in water and I have this reoccuring headache. I also have been sleeping in till almost noon most days. It's lovely to sleep that long, but I know it's the Fibro. All of it's my Fibro. I basically said screw low carb this month & now it's caught up with me. I'm in detox as of today! I started yesterday, but didn't stick with it. (It's all these damn leftover desserts!!!) I have NO willpower. I'm fine if the stuff isn't in the house, but if it's around it's like I can't control myself. Today though I've only had about 20 carbs total. I'm hoping I'll find myself feeling better by Monday, but I know it could take as long as a week.

Ok, enough about my loser diet and health. More photos and maybe even a video (don't get your hopes up too high) to come soon! Hope you're having a great vaca, we are.
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