Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ClusterF#@$ of a Day

I’m having such a clustf#@* of a day, can I just tell you? It’s not a totally sucky day, but it’s one of those days where very everything seems to take extra steps and it just kinda beats you down.

Example 1:

I overslept this AM. My alarm was going off when my mom showed up to get the girls. My mom, in true form, yelled at me because I was still in bed. Cause, you know, oversleeping, being late for work and rushing around feeling out of it is my version of fun!
On a similar note, I’ve been falling asleep in the late afternoon/early evening, it's not your dozing on the couch kind of thing, it's more along the lines of pretty much passing out while standing up. I’m staring to think I may be dealing with CFS which is a symptom of Fibro. I haven’t had this symptom before, but I’ve found that the symptoms seem to change around after each pregnancy. So this is fodder for another post.

Example 2:
Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but our renter (of 7 years) recently moved out. (Inconsiderate bastard went & bought a house, how rude! I’m just bummed cause he was such a good renter and now I have to deal with all this crap.) So I ran the Craig’s List ad & had 5 people came to look at it last weekend. One turned in her application (two others were supposed to but have flaked, go figure) so now I’m trying to run her credit check. Standard landlord stuff…dude they want more information on me than they do on her!

Apparently the patriot act requires all this info now to help curb identity theft. They want to come inspect the physical property and the place where you store the property records! They want to know that you have an appropriate way of disposing of those records. Next they'll be asking for my first born. Dude, how come all those credit card companies get my credit info so easily then?

I think I found a solution for this, without having to go through the whole check out my place and my fancy organization (a moving box stacked high with papers that need to be filed into the filing cabinet, cause I'm so organized.) I’ll let you know how it goes.

Ok, back to happier times and X-mas posts later.