Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Cat Came Back….

Remember in my last post how I mentioned that sometimes the kitties don’t always get along so well?
Yes, well that’s been going on a bit the last couple nights. Nothing obvious has really seemed to trigger it. The first time it started Mama walked into the family room and Monkey jumped off my lap so she could hiss, spit and growl in her general direction. Mama just looked at her like she was insane (which apparently she may be) and jumped onto Daddy’s lap. Every so often Monkey would walk by them & pull out her Diva act (maybe she‘s protesting the new golden globes format by bringing forth her best cat fight drama? She could win with this performance.) We finally locked her in the bathroom for few hours so she could cool off. I let her out for about an hour when I was the only one up and when I went to bed Mama was already crashed on the foot of our bed. Monkey seemed to fine, acting like nothing had happened, they curled up together were buddies again.

So little scenarios like the one I just described have been going on for the last couple (maybe 3 or 4) nights. It’s never turned into an all out cat fight so we haven’t really thought much of it. If Monkey won’t chill we give her an hour or so in another room (usually a bathroom, easier to clean if she did decide to retaliate,) and it all seems to be resolved. We figured it was just Monkey being her quirky self; maybe she’s hormonal or something. You know cats can get hormonal too, maybe Monkey is being PMS-y (yeah it’s totally a word, I just used it that makes it one).
Whatever is up, one of the cats started leaving a surprise on our bed for the last 3 days. (It started right around the same time.) Yup, one of the cats has started to crap on our bed. I agree it is GA-ROSS! The litter box is being used and is clean, so it’s not about doing their business, it’s about sending us a message. I'm pretty sure whomever is doing it, is trying to convey that they aren't happy. You think? My guess is that it's Monkey because she’s the one who’s been acting all weird, but I don’t know for sure. Each time it's happened we pull the comforter & duvet & wash them seperately in HOT w/soap & oxyclean. I have two duvet sets so the it’s happened to both duvets at this point, but the second time it happened was on a different set of linens that had not yet been defiled. AND the cat who is doing it, is doing it in the same place every day, which is how you know they‘re telling us something. It’s been done on Daddyspeak’s side of the bed, near his pillows, but not on them. I told him one of the cats is PISSED off at him (in every sense of the word I guess) and is giving him the equivalent of the horse’s head in his bed. Cats can be so mafia. So I don’t know, weird things are afoot w/the babies at Casa de Speak. DS is traveling to the Southland (LA, LA, LA) for the next couple days so it’ll be interesting to see if the behavior stops while he’s gone. Thank goodness for short, hot cycles on the washer is all I’m saying.


Alison said...

Yikes..our cats have been fighting lately too..maybe there is a something in the air. Thankfully they are not turning Mafia on us...yet..