Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Two Steps Forward….

Yeah, one step back.
Can I just tell you how badly I got my arce kicked today?
Shagged my arce out of bed at dark o’clock to get in line for the kindergarten registration, as planned. DaddySpeak was still in bed and I told him he was late (he leaves the house at dark o’clock every morning, I do not know how he does it, but I certainly appreciate him for it). He informed me he was going in later so he could get his passport done this morning. Really?

Me: What time are you doing that at?
Him: 8 or 9, whenever the post office opens.
Me: Oh Dude! Can I let the girls sleep and you stay here with them while I go take care of the registration?
Him: No problem.

God, I love him!

So, anywho, girls, of course heard me; they seem to have these secret super sonic listening devices for when ever I’m trying not to be heard, do your kids that that too? What is up with that? I mean I can be next to their ear saying their name 3-4 times & they don’t hear me, but man, I sneak upstairs or try to get out of the house while their sleeping? And they are all over me. I digress; I end up putting DD2 in bed w/DS (so awesome, we lurve it when she does this, cause she sleeps on you, which rocks when it comes to snuggle time. The kid’s still pretty small, what can I say?) And, then DD1 of course called me into her room, once again w/a face full of dried snot (your welcome, I’m sure you were eating breakfast or something, huh? Consider it my contribution toward your New Year's weight loss resolution.) So I clean her up, give her some more medicine & get her back to sleep. By that time I’ve got several neighbors calling because they didn’t see any lights on at our house, and I wasn’t at the corner, blah, blah, blah…

and I’m off! (like a herd of turtles) Yesterday was frickin cold so I dress warmly; layered long-sleeved t-shirt, wool sweater, wool pea coat, wool scarf, jeans, wool socks, damn, left my mittens on the counter! But the fog was in & it was low, so no ice this AM. Cool! Booked it over to the school, where the neighbors were saving my place in line. At 6:45 AM we were NOT first. KaRAZEE! In the end we stood in line for over an hour and a half and we got off easy!!! By the time we were done the line had at least 50 more people in it and was growing! Thank God for my neighbors, cause I would’ve been one of those 50 people if one of them hadn’t found out what it was like & clued us all in. (We were #12 BTW)
You knew there was one didn’t you? There always is with me….
Sometime around 7:30 the fog started to lift, and when the fog lifted the temperature dropped. Notably. Like I bet we could’ve estimated the degree drop as it happened. Suddenly it was damp and freezing!!! No seriously, it had to be in the 30s. By the time I made it home I was damp & so very, very COLD! (I know there's snow where you live, but you don't stand outside in it w/out down clothes on, right?) I couldn’t get warm. I drank like 3 hot drinks, I laid under blankets, I just couldn’t warm up, especially my legs. Since my back has been so out of whack this last week, guess what decided to really take a nose dive? You guessed it! I was back to being laid out & barely being able to move. I kept thinking that if I could just get warmed up it would stop aching so badly. I finally upped the thermostat to like 75, that helped warm me up, but by then my back was shot. I called DS at work & told him that if there was anyway he could get home early I would be eternally gratefully, he said he’d see what her could do. A few more hours later it did start to subside a bit, at which point it was migrating into a migraine. (The pattern it has been taking this last week.) So I grabbed a diet soda (caffeine) & took the girls for a walk (trying to loosen it up some more & help them burn some energy). We ended up at a neighbor’s house (as usual) where the girls all played happily & us mom’s got to visit. It was a much, much needed break. Good call on my part. On the walk part, I called DS & told him I was better & if he couldn’t get away it was ok, but once he did get home I was totally popping a vicodin. (I won't take them if I'm the only adult w/the girls.) Knowing how I am he said he’d still do his best to not work late. (He’s awesome that way.) So at 5 we were on our way home & saw him pulling into the driveway. The girls ran up to him with hugs, and I can’t tell you the sense of relief I had.

Now here is the awesomeness that is my husband:

He totally played with the girls for half an hour. I got my vicodin & laid down. He made the girls & himself dinner (I wasn’t that interested in eating, go figure.) He cleaned up the kitchen while I occupied the girls w/a movie. Then he played with them a bit longer and got them ready and into bed! THEN (yes, it gets better) he went to Trader Joe’s for me to get dark and milk chocolate cashews, cause I was craving chocolate (typical pain response) and the dark chocolate ones are relatively low carb. Yes, he made a special trip just for those for me.

Now the next time I attempt to bitch about my husband and some stupid thing he didn’t do (like pick up his socks) tell me to Shut my Pie Hole and direct me to this post, cause I just may have married the most awesome guy on earth, seriously. Sometimes, I wonder what I did to have scored so well, you know?

All I know is that I must’ve done some seriously good shite in another life to deserve someone who not only do I love and cherish, but who loves me back so much that he not only puts up with all my shite, but takes care of me in spite of it.

All this and he makes beautiful babies too! Yeah, I know you’re jealous.
I have to go now, cause I’m due for another vicodin & I hear it calling my name.


Alison said...

Great Man!! Isn't it wonderful when they do these thoughtful gestures for us!! Makes us love them even more!!