Saturday, January 05, 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain....

Yes, we made it through the weekend more or less unsacathed. Only lost our power for most of a day, and a small section of our fence. (Oscar & Merit are actually somewhat happy about that aspect.) We had "huricane force winds" here on Friday. The brillant person that I am, I took my kiddos out in it first thing too. Took DD2 to her gymboree class, while DD1 stayed at the cousins' house to play. Gymboree was flooding, so half the play area was closed while they tried to figure what was up (facilities was pretty sure that the ground was just so saturated that it was coming up from the ground (vs. a leaking ceiling or wall). Had to take various side streets, as the main road to get there was blocked by a very, very large tree that been picked up by the wind and placed across the road. We had a lot of that around here; the ground just got so wet, so fast that with the wind the trees didn't have a chance. Several trees on our block alone were pulled up from the roots, all were at least 40 years old; meaning BIG trees. After seeing all the damage done, I realized it was a bit scary and not just me. The major bummer is that it looks like we lost our CPU. In the last couple months my scrap book hobby has maxed us out so much that we have purchased 2 additional HD, which brings us up to soemthing like 4, plus a laptop and an external that I use downstairs. I swear we are personally keeping the electronics industry going. I guess it's our fault for not unplugging everything to avoid a power surge, but still. We're still much better off than a friend of mine in the City; she lost the roof on her apt building. She wasn't on the top floor, but last I heard they had flooding on one side of her apt. I told her to come stay down here & store her stuff in our garage, but she wanted to stay near the building. I'll let you know how that goes.

It's late & I have a rotten cold so more later.
Oh, and it's still raining, I'll keep you posted in case we start to float away!