Thursday, January 24, 2008

Resolving to Update….

How many titles do you think I can get out of “resolve”? I’m not sure that I haven’t exhausted them all and I’m in January.

Since I did set some goals/resolutions this year I figure the only way I’m going to accomplish any of them is to update them regularly. You, Internet, are keeping me accountable. So I’ve copied them from my original post & will be updating at least once a month, if not more. Guess, I’ll make the 1st & 15th my go-to days on updating these (that would be me making myself accountable to you again there). So here you go….

1) Get our finances in order
a. Meet w/advisor to define what is “out of order” & define & start to implement plan
(i.e.—we were under insured, I’ve upped our coverage.)
Met w/advisor on 1/10, got a summary of “things to do”.
Have already done some of them!
Goal for week: G
o over list w/Daddyspeak & make some decisions (1/24).
Follow up meeting w/FA on 1/29.
b. Set up plan to get legal
stuff (ie—living trust, define who the kids would go to, etc…)updated.
FA offered to provide contacts/lawyers for this, follow up on 1/29. Need to define a date in which this should be completed by (will come after speaking w/actual lawyers).
This should be part of discussion w/Daddyspeak on 1/24.

2) Get the house completely unpacked.
a. Spare bedroom & den still have boxes that haven’t been unpacked. (Gee do you think we still need this stuff?)
Daddyspeak started some of this (he couldn’t find his passport & we both need to renew). All boxes have been pulled out.
Goal this week: spend 10 mins in spare bedroom every day (cleaning out/purging).

3) Get all the rooms decorated; still have pix to be hung, etc…I finally accepted that Daddy ain’t going to pony up so I’m starting to do it myself. (Need to unpack/hang at least one thing a week.)
Need to work on this one; I brought a pix downstairs to be hung, but still haven’t done it yet.
Goal for week:
Hang at least one print/pix.

4) Follow the Flylady system again (the other stuff will fall into place if I stick with it)
Need to work on this one too. I did update my calendar for this week.
Goal for this week: I will both update my calendar & write out/time my evening routine.

5) Define house projects we’d like to do, prioritize them, budget them out & move on them (if I do #1 and #4 this will actually start to happen.)
Ummm, yeah…need to work on getting this one out of my head & onto paper.
Goal for week: spreadsheet things to be done around house.

6) Walk for 30 mins at least 3x a week.
In my defense, it has been flooding here the last couple weeks (much less the rain). So yeah, I need to work on this one too. I did ski last weekend, does that
Goal for week: walk for 30 mins at least 1x (go to the freaking mall if I have to!)

7) Get hair free (except my head) by EOY.
Goal for week (cause yeah, lagging on this one too). Figure out the clinic I’m going to and cost.