Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I am Yellow’s Bitch

I painted the closet doors in my daughter’s rooms this weekend. My intention is to have them match the walls, which are yellow. The top of the walls have a pattern of scallops: in Toddlerspeak’s (TS) room these are pink; in Babyspeak’s (BS) (should I be calling her Fetusspeak (FS) until she’s actually born?) they’re in purple. I want to paint flowers on the closet doors, also in the corresponding pink and purple, but I needed the background color first. (Yes, I know Internet I owe you pictures of this, maybe tonight. I'm a tease like that.)

The point of this whole post: TS’s closet doors took FIVE COATS OF PAINT!!!! Daddyspeak realized what a pain these things were (mostly cause he was having to entertain TS all day while I worked on this) and added texture to BS’s doors (and painted them too--wahoo!!) and they only took the normal two coats. THANK GOD, or I’d still be painting them I think.

Turns out yellow is a really hard color to paint with because it’s so light (at least this yellow is). I don’t ever recommend using yellow in your house. EVER.