Tuesday, February 07, 2006

One of those days

I’ve been feeling sluggish (for lack of a better word) all weekend. The baby is sitting low and putting a lot of pressure (a.k.a.—it’s painful) on my lower ligaments, which in turn are putting additional pressure on my lower back (including my sciatica). Plus Toddlerspeak (TS) has been big on pushing limits, just to keep us jumping. So when I left work yesterday I was really looking forward to my yoga class. (I always feel so much better after.) I’m sitting on this frontage road by work, on my way to the freeway, and the light changes to green. I’m like 4th in line. The cars in front of me start to roll, and the train goes by next to us and blows it’s horn, so of course, everyone stops. Everyone, but the guy behind me, who RAMS INTO ME! Luckily, we’d been at a full stop, so no visible damage to my car. But damit, it spilled my mocha all over, and it kinda shook me. I called Daddyspeak (DS) to see what he thought about me still going to yoga. I felt kinda irresponsible going, but at the same time I really wanted to & if I was going to be sore it wasn’t going to happen for at least 24 hours, right? He thought that I should just mention it to the teacher & see what she thought, but since it wasn’t bad enough to damage the car or anything it was probably fine. Good, at least I’m irresponsible with someone else agreeing with me, right?

So last night TS ends up have nightmares ALL NIGHT LONG. Every hour and half to two hours she’d wake up crying & be completely inconsolable. She yells out in her sleep all the time & we leave her alone. But last night she’d wake up really upset, full tears, the whole deal, and want to be held to fall back asleep. By 6:30 this AM I was wiped out. I ended up deciding to see if I could get her to sleep a couple extra hours & took some sick time. So I showered, dried my hair strait, etc…(she slept the whole time BTW!) So, by the time I got to work I was feeling pretty good. Radio was playing good music, it’s going to be in the low 70s today (I love CA), no traffic at that time of day…. I turn by the Starbucks in front of work & there’s a space: Right. In. Front. What great karma? Figure I’ll get my coffee & drive into the garage at work with it, won’t have to take the elevator twice. So I get my mocha & it’s perrrrr-fect! Yum! (The barista told me I looked great, like I’d lost weight. Hee, hee—told you I look better with strait hair. I’m 7 months pregnant next week; I don’t think I’ve lost any weight. I hope not or my dr. will really yell at me today!) So I get in my car & as go through the driveway to the parking garage my drink bounces out of the holder onto the floor in the back. All 20 oz! Mocha chocolate from Starbuck stains—really bad! The rug in our car is gold. Nice. DS is going to KILL me. Now I really need a mocha! (Yes, I went & got another one. Duh. But they asked what happend & compped me. :)

So after my dr. appointment today I will be hitting the car wash to have my carpet shampooed. Then I will be hitting it with the Costco bottle of Oxyclean we have at home in hopes of getting the stain out. I’m trying to be positive about it. It could’ve been worse; if it had bounced the opposite direction it would’ve landed INSIDE my purse.

I’m still in a good mood. My hair is strait & it’s going to be 70+ degrees today—how bad of a mood could I be in?